Published Thu 11 May 2023


Crime comes to ITV1 on 29th June. 

Series overview

The abduction of a young girl, Britney Hamil, from an Edinburgh street pushes the detective to his breaking point, but Lennox is desperate to know what happened to this child.

He is driven by the secret, long hidden within him, of an abuse that touched his very soul. This detective inspector is not content with solving crimes, he sees the world in black and white, his mission to root out evil wherever he senses it.

But passion such as this comes at a cost and we watch as one by one, Lennox’ relationships grow distant and steadily are replaced by those old false friends, a descent into the bottle and the powder beckons.

However, Crime is a tale of redemption and Lennox manages to hold himself together. In the face of the overwhelming opposition of all around him, Lennox proves his case that Britney was murdered by a notorious serial killer responsible for previous crimes pinned on an innocent man. And so, begins a chase for justice, perhaps to the death.

Finally, the policeman and the killer come face to face, but it’s the man known as Mr. Confectioner who has the upper hand. Sensing the detective’s turmoil, Confectioner turns the tables and Lennox is driven to look deep inside himself, a spiral from which he may not emerge.

Crime: a psychological, procedural thriller that begets a battle for the soul.

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