Sanditon S3

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Series overview

Charlotte (Rose Williams) returns to Sanditon with her fiancé in tow but is forced to come to terms with her unresolved feelings for Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes). He, devastated, tries to move on and open his heart to another, but as they keep getting drawn together– can they keep on ignoring their feelings?

Georgiana (Crystal Clarke) is horrified to discover a claim on her newfound inheritance. With the help of Samuel Colbourne (Liam Garrigan), she battles in court to keep what is hers. The public attention and scrutiny sends her spiralling and she seems to be out of control. What she needs is a fiancé to send the circling fortune hunters away. What she gets is so much more.

Edward (Jack Fox) meanwhile has promised Lady Denham (Ann Reid) he is truly reformed, but will Augusta Markham’s (Eloise Webb) fortune be too an irresistible a proposition?

Lady Denham rediscovers an old flame from her youth, and together they back Tom’s (Kris Marshall) new plans for Sanditon – at the expense of his marriage with Mary (Kate Ashfield), and then she falls gravely ill...

With weddings and failed engagements, will the Sanditon residents all find true love and happiness after all?

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