ITV and Bad Wolf release first-look images of Jing Lusi and Richard Armitage in high-octane thriller Red Eye



Pictured Jing Lusi as DC Hana Li and Richard Armitage as Dr. Matthew Nolan – download three images here:

Red Eye, told over an adrenaline-filled six parts, is set between an all-night flight from London to Beijing, the streets of London, and the corridors of power within Whitehall. 

Starring Jing Lusi, Richard Armitage, Lesley Sharp, and Jemma Moore, the series has been commissioned by ITV’s Head of Drama, Polly Hill, and was created and written by screenwriter Peter A Dowling (Black and Blue, Flightplan).

Directed by Kieron Hawkes (Fortitude and Power Book IV) and produced by multi award-winning and Sony Pictures Television-backed Bad Wolf. Executive producers are Julie Gardner (I Hate Suzie, Doctor Who), Lachlan MacKinnon (Industry, A Discovery of Witches), and Peter A Dowling, with Kristian Dench (The Capture, Strike Back) as producer and Jingan Young writing episode four.

Red Eye is the collision of three worlds – DC Hana Li (Jing Lusi), Journalist Jess Li (Jemma Moore) and MI5’s Madeline Delaney (Lesley Sharp). All three women are thrown into the same life threatening conspiracy when a British doctor (Richard Armitage) is arrested for murder upon flying home from Beijing.

After attending a medical conference in Beijing and coming frighteningly close to dying in a car crash, Dr Matthew Nolan, played by Richard Armitage, arrives home and is immediately arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport.  A dead woman was discovered in his crashed car and, despite his protests that he was driving alone, Nolan must return to China to face charges.

DC Hana Li, played by Jing Lusi, is the no-nonsense, London officer charged with accompanying Nolan back to Beijing. Born in Hong Kong and with a traumatic past, she does not want to go. So, once ordered, her resentment for this assignment, and of Nolan himself, is intense.

However, when a first death occurs onboard, Hana begins to suspect foul play and she commences an investigation. Further deaths confirm that Nolan truly is in danger, and after a call from MI5, Hana finds herself embroiled in an escalating conspiracy.

Back in London, we follow Hana’s half-sister Jess Li, a scrappy journalist played by Jemma Moore, with whom Hana has a fractious relationship. Trying to cash in on Hana’s assignment, Jess runs her own investigation into Nolan’s extradition and finds herself on the run from a lethal, unknown assassin.

And in Thames House, the head of MI5, Madeline Delaney, played by Lesley Sharp,breaks protocol and risks her entire career to not only help Hana and Nolan stay alive, but to expose an international conspiracy that seems to implicate both China and people in her own government for the murders on flight 357.

The project has been developed and overseen by Bad Wolf’s Director of Content, Dan McCulloch (His Dark Materials, Endeavour). Sony Pictures Television will be responsible for the international distribution of Red Eye.

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