ITV May 2024 monthly highlights


Beast Must Die

ITV May 2024 monthly highlights

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A fresh selection of feature films will join the platform from 1st May 
More episodes of Masha and the Bear launching on 2nd May 
The Beast Must Die launching on 2nd May
The Disappearance of Gaby Petito launching on Thursday 9th May
More episodes of Pocoyo launching on 9th May 
More episodes of All Round Champions and Lego DreamZzz launching on 16th and 17th May respectively
Orphan Black: Echoes launching on 16th May 
Bay of Fires is coming to ITVX from 23rd May as well as Colony and Fairyteens 
AMC Reality collection and more episodes of Inspector Gadget launching on 30th May 


1st May  

Feature films: 

Films launching on ITVX this May include 12 Angry Men starring Jack Lemmon (1997), comedy-drama A Hologram for the King (2016) starring Tom Hanks and cult classics The Breakfast Club (1985), Teen Wolf (1985), Grease (1978) and City Slickers (1991). ITVX will also be streaming Crank (2006) starring Jason Statham, drama Fruitvale Station (2013) starring Michael B. Jordan, Getting Even with Dad (1994) starring Macaulay Culkin, Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (1997) and Joe (2013) starring Nicolas Cage. Lastly, film fans can also enjoy horror Let Me In (2010), rom-com Serendipity (2001), The Football Factory (2004) featuring Danny Dyer and Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (2004). 

2nd May


The Beast Must Die (2021)

After learning the police investigation into the fatal hit and run of her young son Martie has been dropped, Frances Cairnes (Cush Jumbo) takes matters into her own hands. Posing as a novelist researching a new murder-mystery, Frances ingratiates herself with the family of George Rattery (Jared Harris), the man she suspects is responsible, and sets a plan in action to kill him.  She’s tracked by detective Nigel Strangeways (Billy Howle, The Serpent, MotherFatherSon), who has reason to believe his department covered up George’s involvement in the incident. Suffering from PTSD following the recent death of his partner, Strangeways throws himself into pursuing justice for Martie. But when he discovers an “undercover” Frances living with George and his family, Strangeways finds himself working to both prove George’s guilt and head off Frances’s plans for revenge before anyone else dies.


Masha and the Bear - additional episodes 

With kindness and comedy in its heart, the show follows the adventures of a little girl Masha and her friend, The Bear. 

9th May 

The Disappearance of Gaby Petito



Three part true crime documentary. The disappearance of 22-year-old video blogger Gabby Petito gripped America and sparked the internet into a frenzy. For a time, she was the most famous face in the country and the most searched subject on the internet. Everyone wanted to know: Where is Gabby Petito? And what happened to her? This definitive documentary series follows the twists and turns of the investigation, telling the story of a unique 21st Century mystery. Interviews with Gabby’s parents reveal the torment of being a family at the heart of such a case, while we hear from the internet sleuths who dedicated their online lives to solving her disappearance.


ITVX Kids: 

Pocoyo - additional episodes  

Say hi to Pocoyo! A curious, fun-loving, friendly toddler who's always into experiencing new and exciting adventures.

16th May 

ITVX Kids:

All Round Champions - additional episodes 

Witness sportsmanship at its finest as the best young athletes compete in different events.

16th May


Orphan Black: Echoes (2023)

Set in the near future, Orphan Black: Echoes follows a group of women as they weave their way into each other's lives and embark on a thrilling journey, unravelling the mystery of their identity and uncovering a wrenching story of love and betrayal. Starring Krysten Ritter and Keeley Hawes.

17th May

ITVX Kids:

Lego DreamZzz - additional episodes

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join Mateo, Izzie, and the gang as they discover the secrets of the fantastical dream world and bravely do battle against the evil Nightmare King!23rd May


Colony (2016-2018)

In the not-too-distant future, Los Angeles has been invaded and occupied by outside forces, causing arift between the city’s residents; some have collaborated with the occupation, while others are rebelling and suffering the consquences that come with that choice. Former FYI agent Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and his wife, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), must consider their familiar obligations when making their decision because they were separated from their son, Bram, during the invasion. 

ITVX Kids: 


The Fairyteens animated series tells a story about five little fairies (four kids and a young mentor) who live in an ordinary human apartment. They train to control their magical powers, cope with the dangers of the world around them, and interact with each other. 

Gradually, the little sorceresses learn that they are destined for an unusual and very responsible role, and the fate of the whole fairy world may depend on their actions.

23rd May

Bay of Fires is coming to ITVX from Thursday 23rd May. 
Bay Of Fires tells the story of Stella (Marta Dusseldorp), who unexpectedly finds herself in a small, remote community. But it’s not the kind of place they put on postcards – it is instead rife with simmering feuds, crime and sometimes, murder.

ITVX Kids: 

Inspector Gadget (additional episodes) 

Inspector Gadget is back and must face his old enemy, the evil Dr. Claw, who has reactivated MAD, his global crime syndicate.


AMC Reality

AMC Reality content launches on ITVX at the end of May with full series of Love After Lock Up, Growing Up Hip Hop, LA Hair, My Fair Wedding, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Platinum Weddings, Million Dollar Matchmaker, Match Made in Heaven, Wedding Central, Dave Tutera’s Unveiled and more. 

BritBox UK

Highlights on BritBox UK include the fourth series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the BAFTA-winning series This is Going to Hurt created by Adam Kay, drama series In the Club, starring Hermoine Norris and Katherine Parkinson, and classic sitcom May to December


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Latest media releases

Moja mama i twój tata hosted by polish actress Katarzyna Cichopek

ITV Studios’ hit dating format My Mum, Your Dad is set to debut with local versions in Poland on Polsat and in French Canada on TVA.

pupils stand outside Rovers Return

The ITV Academy hosted the Manchester United (MU) Foundation and gave high school pupils the chance to participate in an exciting career day hosted by ITV’s legendary, long-running soap Coronation Street.

Lucy Meacock

Lucy Meacock has decided to leave ITV Granada after 36 years as the main presenter of ITV’s flagship news programme Granada Reports.

UEFA Euro 2024

ITV posted its highest viewing share for a final since records go back

UEFA Euro 2024

Across TV and streaming, an average audience of 19.6 million viewers watched the match between 8pm and 9:55pm across ITV1 and ITVX, with 12.7 million viewers watching the overall coverage between 6.30pm and 10.45pm/ a 64% share of viewing.