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Beat The Chasers

Beat The Chasers 

Beat The Chasers returns for its toughest series ever, with all six Chasers and the highest offers ever made. 

Bradley Walsh returns to host as quizzers put their skills to the ultimate test for those big-money prizes.

For the first time, ITV’s fiendish quiz will challenge contestants to face SIX Chasers. 

And, in a series first, there are hundreds of thousands of pounds on offer in brand new ‘Super Offers’. Only available to those who ace the Cashbuilder round, ‘Super Offers’ are made to those who answer all five questions correctly. 

But will anyone have the skills and bravery to take on the full iconic line-up: Mark ‘the Beast’ Labbett, Anne ‘the Governess’ Hegerty, Shaun ‘the Dark Destroyer’ Wallace, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha and Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis? 

As ever, it’s edge-of-your-seat play as questions swap from contestant to the Chasers. Get a question wrong and their individual or team clock keeps counting down until a question is answered correctly. First to run out of time loses the game. 

Will anyone dare to try and beat all of the Chasers?

A Potato production for ITV.