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The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco

Published: Mon 08 Apr 2019

Set during the thrilling social change if the mid-1950s, The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco captures the lives of four remarkable women as they navigate various challenges, rekindle their capacities, and find justice — all by solving an array of crimes.
As new arrivals to the Golden City, Jean and Millie hail from London, where they’d built lives after secretly serving during WWII at Bletchley Park, as UK code-breakers tasked with penetrating the Axis Powers’ secret communications. Gifted with extraordinary intelligence, breathtaking capacity for pattern recognition, and a genius for decryption — they played crucial roles in ending the war.
The women are drawn to the Pacific Coast by a string of murders that share grisly similarities to the cold-case death of an old code-breaking friend. In San Francisco they find Iris and Hailey — women who had been their US counterparts during the war. The two similarly grapple with a return to post- war domesticity, unremarkable jobs, and the requirement to hide their extraordinary achievements. Drawing on their unique constellation of talents, the women manage to uncover and stop a killer.
In time, the four find themselves drawn to solving various murders and other high-stakes crimes. They’re plunged into fascinating corners of the city, forge powerful relationships, and continue to discover their own powers and potential. In so doing, they achieve justice not only for the victims of crime, but also for themselves as they carve out new lives in the wider world.