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John Bishop's Great Whale Rescue

John Bishop's Great Whale Rescue

Series overview

“It can’t be right to have creatures like this, in a tank. This is a world first, we’re going to try to take two Beluga whales from Shanghai and release them in Iceland. This project will, literally, change the landscape for these mammals and I’ll be with them at every step of their journey.”

This special ITV documentary series from the BAFTA-Award winning wildlife producer behind The Blue Planet, tells the incredible story of two beluga whales being released from captivity and back into the wild - as comedian John Bishop follows every step of their complex and deeply moving journey.

Little White and Little Grey are two beluga whales who were captured, as youngsters, in the wild. For the last ten years they have been living together, performing in an entertainment park, Changfeng Ocean World, in China. Now, the new owners of the park are committed to returning them to a life in the ocean.

John is extremely passionate about the whales and the series sees him develop an astonishing bond with them. He swims with them and helps train and coach them throughout the endless setbacks to their planned release into safe Icelandic waters – battling challenging logistics and bad weather along the way. 

This is a truly epic adventure, Free Willy style, to release these incredible creatures back into the sea where they belong.

Produced by Plimsoll Productions for ITV.