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Love and Marriage

Published: Tue 28 May 2013

Love and Marriage
When Pauline Paradise, (60), (Alison Steadman) retires from her job as a lollipop lady and returns home, she looks around to see what her future holds. And doesn’t like what she sees. A non-communicative husband “silent” Ken (Duncan Preston) and the endless demands of her beloved, adult children and their offspring.
So this quintessential family woman – the matriarch of the family and everybody’s rock – decides to walk out on her life.  She doesn’t go very far though – just a few roads away to live with her sister, Rowan, who’s led a very different life to Pauline. As young women, Rowan married “up” and Pauline married “down”.  Pauline fancies a bit of what Rowan has and sets about getting it… but is it as easy as that…?
Pauline’s walkout has a massive, emotional and extremely funny impact on all the relationships around her. So in each episode, while following Pauline’s journey we will also explore the other marriages in the family – focusing on a couple per week.