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Power To The People: Wildcard Vote Opens

Published: Mon 23 Oct 2017

After a nail biting two nights where viewers saw The X Factor judges whittle down their categories to just three acts each, a lifeline has been thrown to the remaining contestants when a brand new twist was announced at the end of Sunday night’s show; The Wildcard. 
This series, fans of The X Factor will get to choose four contestants to re-join the final 12 for a coveted spot in the live shows. So if you think the judges missed a trick, now is the time to save your favourite artist from the Overs, the Boys, the Girls and the Groups categories. One lucky act from each category will get this second chance and will appear on the lives shows which start next weekend. 
The wildcard vote is open now [21:00 hours on Sunday 22nd October]. Voting closes at 1pm on Monday 23rd October and details can be found on the website ( or via the X Factor app. Voting numbers will be on the X Factor website.