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Emily Atack and Joel Dommett present a new dating show in which five different couples pause their relationship and head to London for a summer as singletons.


This autumn, Singletown sees five real-life couples press pause on their relationships to spend one incredible summer experiencing the single life and all it has to offer in arguably the world’s most fun capital city.


The couples - or shall we say, freshly separated singletons – have chosen to put themselves ‘back on the market’ and immerse themselves in London town’s glamorous and vibrant dating scene to see if their ‘real life’ relationship really is the one for them.


Each couple has a different reason to put their personal partnership on ice and take this ultimate test of love – from high-school sweethearts who have only ever dated each other, to commitment phobes who wonder if the grass really is greener, to long term partners in need of a summer of self-discovery before they settle down.


Having said farewell to their other halves, our newly uncoupled singletons begin their month of fun by moving into two super-swanky multi-million-pound flats on the banks of the River Thames – but what they don’t know is their exes are just across the hallway.


As Singletown’s newest residents get to know each other and settle into their luxurious surroundings - Claudia, George, Luke, Selin and Elliot in the flat known as Riverside; and their exes Rob, Sophie, Tash, Jeremiah and Charlie next door in Cityside - two unexpected visitors drop by; Emily Atack and Joel Dommett. Our ultra-sexy Singletown mentors are on hand to offer their own team of five singles advice and guidance, while acting as celebrity matchmakers along the way.


Keshet Productions’ cameras will capture the full story of their ultimate summer of fun 24/7, as our singletons create life-long memories with their fellow flat mates and experience unforgettable dates in glamorous locations all over London town; such as sailing down the River Thames in a hot tub, taking to the skies in a helicopter and enjoying exclusive after-hours access to the capital’s top attractions such London Zoo and the London Eye. The hardest part? Seeing glimpses of what their ex has been up to before being coming face to face with them at the weekly ‘Love Locket Ceremony’ to decide if they want to end their journey of discovery by coupling back up with their ex, or stick to flying solo for another week in Singletown?


For our five divided duos, the stakes are high, and the fun is real. How will our fledgling singletons handle their visit to Singletown?