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Bad Bridesmaid (video)

Published: Wed 27 Aug 2014

Starts Thursday 11 September at 9pm on ITV2
Would you help sabotage your very own hen do and rile your beloved bridesmaids by allowing a wild comedy character to cause mischief and mayhem on your hen weekend, all for a luxurious honeymoon?
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Hen weekends always throw up unexpected guests that no one knows – whether it’s your mum’s bonkers friend, your fiancé’s oddball cousin or that weird work colleague who invites themselves along. ITV2 are tapping into this real world phenomenon to bring you a comedy series that’ll change the way you look at hen dos forever!
Six brides-to-be are doing just that when they allow an undercover comedy actress to infiltrate their special weekend and reap havoc. All they have to do is convince their other bridesmaids and closest hens that their friendship with this crazy comedy creation and new addition to the wedding party is genuine. 
On the first episode of the new series, bride to be Becky is about to embark on a fun hen weekend with cousin Hannah, close friend Nicola, work colleague Tash and best mate Claire.  Over four days Becky will need to convince her mates that the flamboyantly over the top Francesca, a PR/singer songwriter is a friend of her mum’s whose joined the celebrations at the last minute. 
But Francesca, played by comedienne Anna Morris, is a completely unique creation, specially written and tailor made for our bride-to-be and her hens, will know exactly what buttons to press to ensure sparks fly and hilarity ensues on a weekend they’re never likely to forget.