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Ball and Boe Back Together

Published: Wed 11 Oct 2017

Ball and Boe Back Together
Coming soon to ITV
Following the success of their first album and TV special, two of the greatest voices in the world, Michael Ball and Alfie Boe, are back together for a brand new TV special on ITV.    
Fans will be treated to unique renditions of As If We Never Said Goodbye, from Sunset Boulevard, He Lives In You from The Lion King, The Prayer, You’re The Voice, whilst also challenging each other to the ultimate duel – the ‘sing off’ will see the pair performing some unexpected musical numbers
Michael and Alfie are also joined by special guests, the award winning singer songwriter Imelda May, comedian, actor and singer Jason Manford. as well as their 28-piece orchestra.  
Ball and Boe Back Together is an ITV Studios production for ITV.  The executive producers are Lee Connolly and Sue Andrew, ITV Studios.  
Interview with Michael Ball and Alfie Boe
Q:  The last TV special was hugely popular with audiences, what can fans be treated to on the new show? 
Alfie Boe:  This time around we have the added bonus of new songs from the second album being featured. We also have some fantastic guests joining us - Imelda May and Jason Manford!  The sketches with the guests are great fun, and of course, we get to sing with them both. It’s going to be a really fun night.
Q:  You are both known for being largely solo performers, how different is it performing as a duo?
Alfie Boe:  It’s amazing to have someone to share the stage with. Being able to now perform songs, which we had sung separately before, together has been such a unique and fun experience. And getting to perform them live is always a joy to do with someone you’re great mates with!
Q:  From the last show, we saw that you both have a very similar sense of humour, will viewers get to hear some more of your stories during the show?
Alfie Boe:  Of course there will still be lots of humour in this show. But also this time around, there is a slightly different angle as we are concentrating on the genres of music. It will be a real celebration of the last album, exploring where we have come since then and where we are going with the new one.
Q:  You both have such a huge catalogue of hits, is it difficult to whittle down the ones you want to perform on the album and show?
Michael Ball:  There are definitely certain songs that lend themselves to a visual as well as vocal experience, so these were an easy choice for both album and show. We felt these types of songs would work really well for the audience, both in the studio and at home. 
Q:  Were you both friends before you first got together as a duo for the first TV special last year?
Michael Ball:  Yes of course, we’ve been friends for eleven years! And really with the whole experience of last year, the bond just got stronger. It’s lovely sharing this with somebody. That’s the best thing that’s come out of this for us. 
Q: Are you both enjoying be Back Together to record a new album and TV show? 
Michael Ball:  We are absolutely loving being back together - for the album and definitely for the show!
Notes to editors: 
Ball and Boe ‘Together Again’ follows the runaway success of the duo's debut record ‘Together’, which was not only 2016’s best-selling album in the UK, but soared to the Christmas No.1 album slot last year and has reached double-platinum status, with over 600,000 copies sold in the UK.  
As two of the greatest voices in musical theatre, Michael Ball and Alfie Boe bring the West End and Broadway classics back to life on 'Together Again'. In addition to the songs performed in the show, the record features a wealth of additional hits from a 'West Side Story' medley to 'Bring Me Sunshine' to 'New York New York'.