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Behind the scenes video of episode seven Scott & Bailey

Published: Thu 16 May 2013


Behind the scenes video of episode seven Scott & Bailey
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Episode seven is the fall out between Janet and Rachel and the consequences of Rachel's fidelity which sees Sean confront Kevin (with a punch) at the police station.
Episode seven broadcasts Wednesday 22 May at 9pm and has an online premiere on ITV Player
The series concludes Thursday 23 May at 9pm
Having dragged Kevin (Ben Batt) back to Janet’s (Lesley Sharp) house for frantic sex, Rachel (Suranne Jones) is affronted when Janet bursts into her room and tells them both to leave. In her drunken state, Rachel is unable to compute the outpouring of anger that Janet launches at her. She is also unprepared for Kev’s belief that this is the start of a beautiful thing – Kevin and Rachel against the world. For Sean (Sean Maguire), this new liaison is the final straw, and having held his anger in check with Rachel, he is unable to contain himself when face to face with Kevin.
In the cold light of day, the fracture in Janet and Rachel’s relationship is painfully apparent. Feeling used and upset, Janet is barely able to look at Rachel, let alone speak to her, and their working partnership is forced to move onto a different level. It’s in the unexpected form of Rob (Danny Miller) that Janet finds the mature and understanding hand of friendship.
And as Rachel is forced by Gill to take a cold, hard look at the way her chaotic life impacts on her work, Syndicate 9 are left reeling when they’re told the identity of the mole on their team.
The story of the week starts off as a Missing From Home report, but soon becomes a murder investigation when the body of Kenneth Valentine is discovered in Oldham town centre. And while the team ponders the indecent haste with which Kenneth’s son reported him missing, Janet and Rachel discover that a spate of street robberies may lead them to the killer. 
Series overview:
Surrane Jones and Lesley Sharp return as the formidable crime fighting duo Scott & Bailey.
Immersed in the characters, their lives, personalities and backgrounds Amelia Bullmore who plays D.C.I. Gill Murray has again joined forces with Sally to write two of the eight new episodes, which feature as episodes six and seven in the series. 
Cast list:
Syndicate 9
D.C. Rachel Bailey - Suranne Jones 
D.C. Janet Scott - Lesley Sharp 
D.C.I. Gill Murray - Amelia Bullmore 
D.S. Rob Waddington - Danny Miller 
D.C. Kevin Lumb - Ben Batt 
D.C. Ian Mitchell - David Prosho 
D.C. Pete Readyough - Tony Mooney
D.C. Lee Broadhurst - Delroy Brown 
Episode 7
P.C. Sean McCartney - Sean Maguire
Phillip Valentine - Paul-Ryan Carberry
Abigail Bertis - Sandra Brown
Deepak Nadar - Karun Comar
Nick Crossland - Nigel Travis
P.C. Glen Cattermole - Christopher Finney
P.C. Steve Doolan - Chris Kirkby