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The Bikini Promise on ITV’s Lorraine

Published: Wed 03 Jun 2015

Wear your bikini with pride this summer with The Bikini Promise on Lorraine
Launches Monday 8th June ITV’s Lorraine
Look and feel fabulous this summer with The Bikini Promise on ITV’s Lorraine.
Make yourself a promise to be fit, healthy and wear your bikini with confidence no matter of your age, shape and size with this five week plan. 
With the help of experts Sally Bee and Maxine Jones, The Bikini Promise will help viewers to feel good about themselves and more confident when putting on their bikini this summer. 
Sally Bee’s recipes are all about using good, fresh produce which is affordable and quick and easy to cook. Maxine’s exercise plan is easy to learn and follow at home but will help deliver results so viewers can tone and shape up in time for the sun. 
Lorraine Kelly said: “I go to Maxine's classes and follow Sally's recipes and I feel I am in the best shape I have been in for a very long time. I’m a 55-year-old mum and I feel that if I can wear a bikini then anyone can.”
Sally will share delicious healthy recipes from her new book The Bikini Promise (published by Kyle Books) such as roasted red pepper soup with spinach and quick spicy chicken and lime salad. There’s also one-pot wonders such as veggie chilli or fish recipes such as mouthwatering teriyaki tuna with mangetout and baby corn and creamy salmon parcels and even sweet treats such as summer fruit and almond flatbread.
Sally said: “Eating for health has wonderful, easy to achieve side effects, and weight loss is one of them. Women get upset about the fat on the outside of their body - but they should be more worried about the fat that is mirrored on the inside, surrounding the organs. 
“Getting in shape to be able to wear a bikini not only helps our confidence but it should also help us live longer! It’s time we all ate for better health and made the best of what we have. It’s not all about being skinny but it is about being healthy!”
Maxine is a qualified fitness instructor and Lorraine attends her weekly dance classes. She will show viewers exercises that will help tone and strengthen their bodies and also be fun to do. 
Maxine said: "Working out and getting fit and healthy not only makes you feel like you've achieved something, it makes you feel good about yourself and gives you confidence. The exercises I'm going to be showing viewers are fun to do, easy to follow and will help strengthen and tone your body so you can wear your bikini with pride this summer. Be a younger, fitter, happier, healthier version of you!”
Three Lorraine viewers have already made their Bikini Promise. They were flown to Mauritius for a week to get a masterclass in exercise and healthy eating, learning about nutrition and health. Follow their progress throughout June on Lorraine and see the results of all their hard work in July for the big reveal.