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Devon and Cornwall Blues

Published: Mon 25 Jul 2016

Devon and Cornwall Blues
ITV Studios’ Potato has been commissioned by ITV to produce Devon and Cornwall Blues (w/t, 3 x 60’), a major new primetime series following the Devon and Cornwall Police Force in their work across the biggest geographical force area in England.
From the remote Isles of Scilly to the crowds of Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall Blues will look at how the Devon and Cornwall Police Force tackles the unique challenge of policing over 700 miles of coastland, wild moorland and bustling towns, often working in conjunction with partner agencies such as the Maritime Coast Agency and the RNLI. The stunning landscape offers a stark juxtaposition to the difficult issues that the force deals with on a daily basis, from officers working alone in isolated moorland areas when back-up can be miles away, to policing their friends and neighbours in close-knit communities and keeping the exploding population safe as 11 million tourists join the 1.7 million locals over the summer. Devon and Cornwall Blues will air on ITV this autumn.
Michael Kelpie, Managing Director of Potato, said: “This summer, as millions of families head to the West Country for their holidays, it’s unlikely many will spare a thought for the people who work hard to ensure they are safe. Devon and Cornwall Blues offers an eye-opening insight into the unique challenges faced by one of the UK’s major police forces as millions of visitors flock to the region each summer. We have been granted unparalleled access to and complete co-operation with the many diverse constituent parts of Devon and Cornwall Police that work tirelessly to protect and serve locals and visitors alike throughout this busy period.”
Priya Singh, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Factual, added: “Policing Britain's biggest and busiest holiday destination during the height of summer makes for some unique and particular challenges. Set against this beautiful backdrop, from coastal to countryside to up in the air, the series promises a varied, revelatory and surprising insight into the lives and work of the Devon and Cornwall blues.”
Chief Constable Sawyer, Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “We are delighted to be involved with the programme which we hope will show people across the UK the unique challenges of policing Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly during the summer months.”
Devon and Cornwall Blues was developed by Claire Morrison and is executive produced by Managing Director Michael Kelpie and Creative Director Ed Taylor for Potato. It was commissioned by Priya Singh, ITV’s Commissioning Editor, Factual.