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Freshers ep1 2013 (video)

Published: Wed 16 Oct 2013

Starts Wednesday 16 October at 9pm on ITV
A new series Freshers for ITV2 will follow a group of students at the University of Bedfordshire as they move away from home and learn to survive standing on their own two feet. 
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In tonight’s show we see them leaving what they know behind as they travel to their new home. It’s their first day and as they settle in to their new surroundings we follow them as they meet new friends and experience their first night on the town.
Series overview:
In this three-part series from Mentorn Media we see what university life is really like and what they get up to. There will be partying and socialising as they work out how to fit in, whilst carving out their own identity and coping in an entirely new environment. It can be a daunting experience as the freshers leave home for the first time and have to learn to look after themselves.
We follow ladies man Max, 18 from Nottingham, loveable Forrest, 18 from Luton, glamorous Anita, 20 from London, horse loving Abbie, 19 from Essex, hip hop performer Jay C, 18 from London and daddy’s girl Bayleigh, 18 from Colchester as they embark on the most exciting and significant three years of their lives. 
Flung together with a bunch of total strangers in a new city, far away from home and forced to look after themselves, the freshers face a complete culture shock.  Even for the most confident person, the first weeks can be a challenge, changing their behaviour to try and fit in with a diverse mix of people, how will our  intrepid newbies fare?
From the unparalleled highs to the unexpected lows, freshers will explore the daunting reality of university and just how hard it can be out there in the big wide world