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Get ready to...Take on the Twisters

Published: Wed 26 Jun 2013

Get ready to...Take on the Twisters
Brand new to ITV Daytime for this summer, is Take on the Twisters, a nail-biting quiz show featuring a combination of skill and cunning...and a prize pot of thousands.
Hosted by Julia Bradbury, Take on the Twisters is a combination of quick-fire and multiple-choice questions allowing viewers of all quizzing abilities to play along at home.
Featuring eight giant timers, the ‘Twisters’, with each running for a different length of time; contestants must use a combination of knowledge and strategy to defeat their opponents in the first part of the show in order to then have a go to Take on the Twisters, where they have the chance to win thousands of pounds. 
Take on the Twisters (30 x 60 minutes) is a  new quiz format with a combination of great play-along and real drama.  It is a 12 Yard Production for ITV Daytime. 
Interview with Julia Bradbury: 
Talking about playing host to Take on the Twisters, Julia says: “It's fantastically entertaining, completely different and challenging in a whole new way.”
Describing the format of the quiz, Julia explains: “Essentially four players are racing each other to take on six giant twisters, which are giant egg timers. It’s a general knowledge marathon that needs not only great general knowledge, they also need a cool head so that they can answer questions against the clock as the twisters run out of time.”
Julia continues: “Players will also need to use their wits to work out one another’s strengths and weaknesses, because they are also given the opportunity to twist questions they don’t like on to another player. Get the twist wrong and they can lose control of the game.”
Would Julia fancy her chances if she were to swap places with the contestants?
“I’d be absolutely rubbish!' laughs Julia, 'I have reasonable general knowledge but in those circumstances and under that sort of pressure I think I’d crumble. I'm much happier controlling things as the host. That’s the kind of pressure I thrive under.”
Though if she did give it a go, Julia says that her strongest subject would be travel. 
“Having spent so much time travelling the world, and most recently the UK with Countryfile, I feel like I have a greater than average insight on British locations.”
And her weaker subjects? 
“Anything to do with football ..  I am clueless!”
And why should people tune in to Take on the Twisters?
“The contestants make the show and every episode is full of drama. Once you see it play out it becomes very addictive and people will be screaming at their televisions thinking that they know the answers, and I’m sure they will be tempted to Take on the Twisters themselves.”
“Every show is a roller-coaster for me because we have no idea whether or not the contestant will walk away with the money, and my heart is in my mouth!”