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Good Morning Britain launches on ITV

Published: Mon 28 Apr 2014

Good Morning Britain launches on ITV
New breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, launched on ITV this morning, broadcast live from London Television Centre on London’s Southbank. The show - presented by Ben Shephard, Susanna Reid, Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins - brought the latest news headlines to the nation including the breaking news of a house fire in Sheffield, the developing story of the Afghanistan helicopter crash and the news that children as young as two years old could be starting school.
In sport, Sean updated viewers on the weekend sport as well as an update on Luis Suarez being named Professional FA’s Player of the Year and Tom Daley suffering concussion after diving. In weather, Laura Tobin was on hand to speak about the breaking news of the tornado strikes in the US.
In showbiz, Good Morning Britain had a behind-the-scenes exclusive on the set of One Direction’s latest music video. Both clearly excited at the thought of 1D, Susanna and Ben joked about the boy’s chart successes before finishing off each other’s sentences: “[One Direction] don’t do anything other than [number] one!” Ben said before Susanna added “Of course, because they’re One Direction!” Susanna - who laughed about them finishing the other’s sentence - joked “That’s chemistry!” before Ben added “You can’t teach this!” Sean chipped in that the new presenters had planned to model their promo video on One Direction’s latest video of the boys morphing into each other: “Weren’t we going to do a promo video like that?!”
Employment Minister Esther McVey was on the show speaking about new benefit rules that could see the long term unemployed partaking in work experience. Speaking to Susanna Reid in a one-to-one interview, the Conservative MP said: “What we’re doing here is providing more support, more people, it’s costing us money to do this because we believe everybody should benefit and if people can work, they should work… This is about reaching out, supporting people and really allowing them to fulfill their potential, a huge change in the support that other governments have never given to people.”
TV legend, Paul O’Grady, was also on the show in his first TV interview since his heart scare in November last year. Speaking to Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard, Paul spoke about his health problems at the end of last year: “I came in for work and I was the colour of paste… I knew the night before [that I wasn’t well]… I thought I’ll take an aspirin, you sort of get used to them [heart problems], this is the third one and you know the symptoms and you know what your body can take… I was out [of hospital] on the Thursday, I was back to work on Monday… I think it’s a muscle and it has to be exercised!”
And on Hollywood heart throb George Clooney who is rumoured to be engaged, Paul spoke about seeing the actor outside a hotel in Switzerland: “I went over to him and it was George Clooney but he looked a wreck, he looked like a little old man! The hair was everywhere, he had sallow skin, he had these big roomy, watery eyes… That made my year. George Clooney looked like a dog!... Take no notice of the sex symbol business, in the flesh he looks shocking!”