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House of Talent renewed for second season

House of Talent renewed for second season


The first season of House of Talent will end on December 28th in the Netherlands, and a second season has already been commissioned by Talpa Network. Season two will air later in 2019 and just like the first one, it will kick-off with the launch of the professional music careers of eight talented musicians. With reality tv, music and social fully integrated in the multi-platform format, the artists are visible everywhere. They connect with the audience via all channels, resulting in a large number of followers and fans on TV, YouTube and social media.


The first season will end with a spectacular finale determining who will be the winner of House of Talent 2018. This artist wins 10.000 euros to invest in his or her career and two singles that will be released by record label 8Ball. 


The daily reality show targets the young and difficult to reach audience across different platforms. The strength of the format lies in the strategic multi-channel approach; each of the more than 40 social channels creates its own ripple effect that amplifies the other channels, resulting in an extensive reach and fanbase amongst youngsters. 


In House of Talent, eight aspiring artists live together in a well-equipped former TV and radio studio and work hard on their music careers as professionals. They have to build a fanbase, perform throughout the country and release a new track every 6 weeks. If the artists don’t generate enough income or online engagement in every 6-week period, they will be nominated for elimination. The viewer decides who has to leave and make room for new talent. 


House of Talent offers an exceptional opportunity for every young artist and a unique way for a viewer to witness the road to fame and success. 


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