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I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out (video)

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out (video)

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Leaving their plush pads and luxuries far behind, our celebrity campers spent up to three weeks taking on the harsh surroundings of the Australian bush. This year's celebrities were ex footballer and broadcaster Ian Wright MBE; pop star Nadine Coyle; 'Rak-Su' singer Myles Stephenson; Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts; comedian Andrew Maxwell; soap star Jacqueline Jossa; Capital Radio DJ Roman Kemp; actor Cliff Parisi; Coronation Street star Andy Whyment, Olympian and TV personality Caitlyn Jenner; ex-England rugby player James Haskell; and TV and radio presenter Kate Garraway.

Friends and family started to arrive in Australia ahead of the first public vote offs.

Ant and Dec announced that the first celebrity to be voted off by the public was Adele Roberts.

Adele was over the moon to be reunited with her girlfriend Kate and enjoyed her first decent breakfast in a few weeks on site.  As they drove to the luxury Palazzo Versace hotel on the Gold Coast, Kate told Adele about ‘Jane-Gate’ and how her luxury item (a picture of Jane McDonald) had got everyone talking.

Adele said “It wasn’t just Roman, it was Kate as well.  They both didn’t get it.  We’d had this conversation earlier in the day about Roman and how his family, people judge him before they meet him because of who his parents are, and he said ‘I get a lot of prejudice’ so I was just explaining to him it’s the same thing.” 

Once in the luxury of their hotel room, Kate showed Adele a video message from Jane McDonald who said she carried a picture of Adele.  Adele was delighted and teary and said “Oh thank you Jane, I’m buzzing, that’s the best thing ever, who needs the crown, I’ve got Jane.”

Next to leave the Jungle was Andrew Maxwell, his wife Suraya greeted him, and on the way back to the hotel they talked about his relationship with Ian Wright.

Andrew said “All of us were desperately missing our loved ones but me and Ian reached the same trough at the same time.  I’m just glad we got it all tied up in a bow and I knew we would. I love Ian, he’s an incredibly lovely man, it all gets blown out of proportion.” 

Andrew hugged Adele when he arrived back at the hotel and then later was reunited with his daughter who was dressed in a Kangaroo outfit.

Later, for one last time, Andrew decided to bring out the infamous budgie smugglers and went to the hotel pool.

Cliff Parisi was the next celebrity to leave the Jungle and was happily reunited with his wife Tara.

Tara joked that he’d slept loads in the camp, Cliff laughed and didn’t disagree with her.

On route to the hotel he stopped off for fish and chips.

James Haskell was the next celebrity to leave the Jungle and was greeted by his wife Chloe.

Chloe told James that nearly every single episode bar one he was a complete gentleman but he had one ‘hangry’ episode in which he was hungry, snappy and grumpy.

James said “I don’t care what anyone has written or said about me, I’d do it the same a thousand times over and I couldn’t have been any better than I was, I couldn’t have been any nicer and that was me 100%.”

The next celebrity voted off by the public was Ian Wright, who was delighted to be reunited with his wife Nancy and children.

In the car Nancy told him it was emotional watching him open up on screen.  Ian said “You’ve helped me with that and you made me realise years ago that that’s the kind of thing I have to work on.  People want to see perfection but nobody is perfect, I’m an honest emotional person.”

Talking about his and Andrew’s friendship he said “Me and Andrew got on very very well, we’re two highly emotional blokes.”

Ian also confessed he was afraid of every Trial he did.

Alan Shearer had left Ian a voice message which he played, Alan told Ian he’d been voting for him to the Trials and then gave him all the football news that he’d missed whilst in the Jungle. 

At the hotel, Ian was reunited with Cliff, James and Andrew and they all had a drink around the pool together.

Myles Stephenson was the next to leave the Jungle and was greeted by his Mum and Stepdad.

His Mum joked she had a bone to pick with him and asked him about his older women comments, Myles laughed and said “Kate Garraway is really hot.”

Once back at the hotel, Myles called his Rak-Su bandmates on his phone, he got emotional seeing them.  His bandmates joked if he’d got any closer to Kendall Jenner whilst being with Caitlyn Jenner in the Jungle.  Myles said “Caitlyn was like, I can’t guarantee anything but if you come to LA, I’ll get Kendall round and you can cook dinner.” his bandmates all laughed.

In a double vote-off, Caitlyn Jenner and Nadine Coyle were the next celebrities to leave the Jungle.

Caitlyn was met by fellow campmate James Haskell who accompanied her back to the hotel, where she was greeted by applause from her former campmates.

Back in her room, Caitlyn was in for a surprise as friend Sophia was waiting for her. The pair embraced in a hug and Sophia commented on how skinny Caitlyn was, Caitlyn laughed and said “I’m down to a size six, you would be jealous!”

More surprises were to follow as Caitlyn then received a video call from daughter Kendall. Kendall was keen to know how Caitlyn’s Jungle experience had been.

Caitlyn said “Hard. I haven’t been on a phone in a month!” Reflecting on her Jungle experience, Caitlyn became emotional and said “I was very, very lucky. I thought ‘Why the hell am I doing this?’ The people in the camp were so great, we had so much fun. It made it a lot easier.”

Following her video call with daughter Kendall, Caitlyn comments on how she needs a shower but her and Sophia have a glass of bubbly first and toast Caitlyn’s return to civilisation.

Nadine Coyle followed Caitlyn as the next celebrity to leave the Jungle and was met by her sisters. Her sisters then surprised her with a bottle of champagne on the journey back to the hotel.

Before arriving back at the hotel, Nadine and her sisters stopped for ice-cream. Nadine then had an emotional reunion with the rest of her family including her daughter.

Kate Garraway was the next celebrity to leave the Jungle. Met by husband Derek, Kate was then surprised by her two children who jumped out at her.  

As they drove to the luxury Palazzo Versace hotel, Derek commented how proud he was of Kate and how amazing she looked in the Jungle. Derek then confessed that a picture of Kate in the blue swimsuit is now the screensaver on his phone.

Kate was in disbelief as Derek showed her the picture. Kate said “Oh my God. Look at the state of my hair!”

Arriving at the hotel, Kate is met by her fellow campmates. In her room, Kate arrives to find balloons and a gift from fellow Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan. A note from Piers congratulated her but also requested she makes sure she is fully disinfected before returning to work. Kate opens the gift to find a bottle of disinfectant. Kate then takes a relaxing bath while enjoying a cup of tea.

On the day of the Final, the three finalists’ friends and family, as well as their former campmates head to the Jungle to find out who will win this year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

In third place, Roman Kemp was next to leave the Jungle and was met by girlfriend Sophie.

Heading back to the hotel, Roman reflected on Jungle life and how time goes so slowly when in camp. Roman said “An hour seems like four hours.” Sophie mentions Roman’s constant questions to fellow campmates during his time in the Jungle to pass the time.

Arriving at the hotel, Roman heads to his room to find a pile of snacks on the bed. Roman then speaks of how he hasn’t heard a certain noise for a while, before flushing the toilet.

Andy Whyment finished as this year’s runner-up and was the next celebrity to leave the Jungle.

After the show finished, Andy ran straight towards wife Nicola and told her how much he has missed her. Another emotional reunion soon followed after Andy saw his children for the first time in three weeks. Andy said “I’m never leaving you again kids.”

On route to the hotel, Andy is keen to know what the reception has been In the UK after his appearance in the Jungle, as well as what his fellow Coronation Street cast members have been saying. Nicola tells Andy that Alan Halsall has been tweeting his support.

Following a warm reception at the Palazzo Versace, Andy heads to his room and his daughter has got him a present. Remembering the all-important ‘chocolate over everything’ rule, Andy finds a table of chocolates, as well as an advent calendar.

Queen of the Jungle Jacqueline Jossa was met by husband Dan upon departing the Jungle. As the winner of this year’s series, Jacqueline will be leaving the Jungle in style. Jacqueline and Dan jump into the Hummer Limo and head for the hotel.

On route, Jacqueline asks Dan whether he encouraged people to vote for her to do Trials. Dan confesses on one occasion he did. Jacqueline laughed and said “I knew you did!”

Reflecting on her string of Bushtucker trials, Jacqueline said “It’s worse than giving birth, every trial!”

On what she missed most, Jacqueline said “The hardest part was missing you and missing the kids.”

Jacqueline receives a royal reception upon arrival at the Palazzo Versace Hotel and heads straight over to her two daughters.

All the celebrities have now left the Jungle and it was time for them to get glammed-up for the wrap party.

The Queen of the Jungle makes her entrance and the celebrities spoke on Jacqueline’s win.

Cliff Parisi said “I don’t think you’re ever going to get a better Queen than Jacqueline.”

Caitlyn Jenner said “To watch her overcome her fears, she was everything that this show should be.”

James then made a toast to Jacqueline, he said “Jacqueline, you said you wanted to do this for yourself and to show everyone your true character, and babe you did that. You couldn’t be more deserving. I’m A Celebrity 2019, I present to you the beautiful Queen!”

Speaking about her victory, Jacqueline said “It’s amazing to think I’m Queen of the Jungle. It just feels like something you dream about. I thought I had a limit but I proved to myself how strong I am.”

To find out more tune into I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out Show at 9.00pm on ITV.