It’s a KnockOut: Live Tech Games launches new game as the World Cup Kicks Off


It’s a KnockOut: Live Tech Games launches new game as the World Cup Kicks Off

  • Following the success of WordSurge with ITV’s This Morning, Live Tech Games releases a new title using the latest cutting-edge technology
  • Football themed, live, trivia game KnockOut will see players competing based on the real FIFA World Cup 2022 match taking place that day

21st November 2022 [London, UK]: Following the huge success of last month’s WordSurge, which reached Number One in the App Store Free Charts and App Store Trivia Charts, Live Tech Games has launched KnockOut, a brand new interactive game in partnership with ITV.

The innovative new app will host live trivia games alongside the World Cup, giving KnockOut players the chance to become champions themselves. KnockOut is available to download in App Stores now, with the first game on ITV (Senegal v Netherlands) taking place today, [Monday 21st November] and the first KnockOut tournament set to start at 21:00 this evening.

KnockOut brings together the proven Live Tech Games framework of live trivia tournaments with the monumental thrill of ITV’s coverage of the World Cup. The ongoing partnership between  ITV and Live Tech Games continues to astound, introducing new entertainment to UK audiences, encouraging viewers to become part of the World Cup action. With a direct screen-to-screen experience, ITV viewers can test their knowledge of football themed trivia using their mobile phones. As with other Live Tech Games offerings, KnockOut is completely free to enter and play, with champions winning cash prizes.

With World Cup live games and highlights set to be broadcast on ITV with comprehensive coverage and content across its website and social media, fans can tune into multiple platforms to engage with the action. ITV’s stellar line up of presenters and pundits will offer expert insight and analysis and with the launch of KnockOut, the opportunities for viewers to engage in the adrenaline rush of the tournament are better than ever. ITV viewers can now transform into players, putting their World Cup knowledge and passion to the test with KnockOut’s trivia based around the teams and match (or two) of that very day.

Samuel Worsley, co-founder and co-CEO of Live Tech Gamessaid:

“The FIFA World Cup is a huge TV event and we are so thrilled to continue our partnership with ITV on such a momentous occasion. The ITV team is fantastic and has incredible plans to roll out coverage across TV, socials and with the help of KnockOut, interactive mobile platforms too. We can’t wait to see football fans come together to engage in a fun and competitive game themselves.”

Following a multi-million pound investment and a collaboration deal, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, ITV, and innovative customer engagement strategist, Live Tech Games, have developed a series of exciting live, multiplayer mobile games. Engaging ITV’s audience from This Morning with word trivia game WordSurge proved extremely popular, with over 1.6million minutes played in the app.

Enita Kang, Director of Studio 55 Ventures at ITV said:

"We're very excited to be extending our coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2022 into the gaming realm with this brand new interactive product.

“We love to enhance our reach to new audiences and this exciting new form of interactive entertainment does exactly that."

The trivia in each KnockOut game is relevant to the matches and teams of the day, with tournaments set to be hosted after the last match of the day is played. Players will go head to head in the live tournament, matched up at random, and compete to answer correctly as fast as they can. KnockOut has a number of different gameplay mechanics from multiple choice to locator, sorter and pass master and iconic sponsors that are yet to be revealed! The success of WordSurge, and now the launch of KnockOut, further Live Tech Games’ aim to create captivating, competitive mobile experiences which constantly engage customers.

Live Tech Games is a pioneer in the new wave of digital customer engagement strategies, coupled with entertainment that connects deeper with audiences. The thrill of live, tournament style games is integral to the Live Tech Games offering, and it brings consumers and brands a unique experience to engage with each other at a previously unseen level. Live Tech Games creates easily accessible and simple games that ensure the mobile experience is inclusive of its audience. For ITV viewers, KnockOut is just the second in line of a series of collaborative games with Live Tech Games’ unique customer engagement strategy and live trivia framework.

To play KnockOut and become part of the matchday action, you can download the app now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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About Live Tech Games

Live Tech Games (LTG) is a market leading game studio for live, casual tournament-based mobile games that will pioneer changing digital customer engagement strategies for businesses across the globe. The dual-focussed platform creates captivating, appointment-to-play competitive mobile experiences, engaging and re-engaging customers. LTG’s consumer offering is easy-to-play, inclusive and adrenaline-fuelled entertainment; simultaneously, it provides businesses with a unique opportunity to connect with and engage consumers. LTG is taking on the constant access to on-demand entertainment and flipping it on its head, with a strong belief in the power of building excitement and a buzz of adrenaline to play a really accessible game.

Founded in 2019, Samuel Worsley and Nathan Moore created LTG and launched their first game, Roshambo Live nationwide three times a week: a free digital tournament-style Rock Paper Scissors, with real prizes. Following Roshambo Live, LTG notably received a multi-million minority stake investment from UK TV giant ITV after a successful pilot with This Morning. The investment will go towards plans to refine digital customer engagement strategies for businesses globally, including ITV itself, over the next few years. The LTG offering is a win-win solution for thrilling players through a seamless brand engagement and retention experience.



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