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ITV commissions ITN documentary to mark ten-year anniversary of the death of Terry Lloyd

Published: Mon 04 Mar 2013


ITV has commissioned a documentary from ITN Productions about the death of ITV News reporter Terry Lloyd.
The documentary marks the tenth anniversary of the incident in the opening days of the Allied invasion of Iraq War that resulted in the deaths of Terry Lloyd and translator Hussein Osman, with the body of ITN cameraman Fred Nerac never found.
Who Killed My Dad? - The Death of Terry Lloyd follows Terry’s daughter Chelsey as she retraces his steps to seek answers that have eluded her family for a decade. Accompanied by ITV News presenter Mark Austin, who in 2003 was also a reporter covering the start of the Iraq War, Chelsey returns to the scene of her father’s tragic death as part of her deeply personal search for the truth.
Extensive archive of the aftermath of the fatal engagement together with testimony from Terry’s colleagues, including Sir Trevor McDonald, help Chelsey to piece together the final details of her father’s life.  Chelsey and Mark also visit the United States to try to meet the Marines who were involved in the fatal action.
Who Killed My Dad? - The Death of Terry Lloyd will tx on ITV at 10.35pm on 21 March 2013. It is commissioned by Ian Squires, Controller of Current Affairs & News Operations at ITV. Executive Producer is Chris Shaw, Editorial Director at ITN Productions. Producer/Director is Katherine Churcher.
Ian Squires said: “Terry's death and the memory of that loss will live on for years in ITV News. He left behind not only colleagues in the newsroom but also close personal friends. Ten years on from his killing it was extremely brave of Chelsey to propose retracing her father's steps to better understand what really happened on that desert road and to help come to terms with the tragedy. The journey she takes with Mark Austin, who also reported on the Iraq war, and the resulting film is not only a tribute to Terry's memory but a deeply poignant experience with a profoundly moving and surprising conclusion.”
Chris Shaw said: “A lot of people have shown great courage in agreeing to revisit this scarring episode ten years on – especially Chelsey Lloyd – but everyone involved has gained a different perspective while making this film. For anyone who worked at ITN, or indeed in frontline TV reporting, Terry Lloyd's death was a very sharp reminder of the price sometimes paid by courageous journalists in dangerous environments. This film also captures the lasting impact on the lives of their families  and on their friends.”