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ITV Daytime commissions Who’s Doing the Dishes and The Speakmans

Published: Thu 24 Apr 2014

ITV Daytime commissions Who’s Doing the Dishes and The Speakmans
ITV Daytime today announces two new commissions, Who’s Doing the Dishes and The Speakmans, both from ITV Studios Entertainment.
Brian Mcfadden will present Who’s Doing the Dishes? (30 x ‘60)  Every day for a week, four diners have to guess which celebrity's house they're in that day and whose food they're eating.   
Each day will see a different under-pressure celebrity in the kitchen, preparing their favourite starter, main and dessert to the expectant diners. Over the course of the meal, the diners tuck in and deliver their verdicts – delicious, disgusting or just plain dull as well as try to work out who's cooking!  Watching on a monitor in the kitchen is their celebrity host, who reacts to the positive – and negative comments.
The guests won’t get to see who is in the kitchen until the end of the meal, but they’ll be given various clues throughout and will be able to find their own clues by snooping around the house. They don’t know each other, but they must work together to try and figure out who their host is. Get it right and a cash prize will go into a collective pot - but if they lose, they must ‘do the dishes’.
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The Speakmans  (20 x ‘60)  will follow therapists to the stars, Nik and Eva Speakman as they attempt to successfully treat ordinary people with extraordinary problems.
In a bid to succeed where counsellors, doctors and other therapists have failed, Nik and Eva will see a range of people with debilitating psychological issues and attempt over the course of one programme to cure them.
From Agoraphobia to post traumatic stress, each programme will see a contributor introduce viewers to a problem that is affecting their life and then follow the experts in action as they seek to cure them.
ITV Director of Daytime Helen Warner said:
“We have some exciting new formats in the pipeline for ITV Daytime during 2014 and I’m delighted to have these two new commissions amongst them. They promise to be entertaining, appointment to view series that I hope our viewers will enjoy.”  
Who’s Doing the Dishes and The Speakmans are ITV Studios Entertainment Productions for ITV. Helen Dower is the Executive Producer on Who’s Doing the Dishes and Jon Durbridge is the series producer. Tom Mclennan is the Executive Producer on The Speakmans and the Series Producer is Tracey Moore.