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ITV Launches Sustainability Pledge Ad-Break Takeover

ITV Launches Sustainability Pledge Ad-Break Takeover

ITV is bringing together four of the nation's favourite brands, Volkswagen, Sainsbury's, Inch's Cider and Ribena for a special ‘Green Scene’ ad-break takeover to mark World Environment Day with the brands unveiling sustainability pledges they have made to help the environment.

The takeover is in association with ITV Home Planet, the company’s initiative for sustainable brands to partner with ITV and encourage viewers to reduce their carbon footprint at home, and will launch in Coronation Street tonight (4 June) in the 21.15 break on ITV and STV.

It will launch with a bespoke 10” ITV Home Planet Proudly Presents with a voiceover saying: “And now, to celebrate World Environment Day tomorrow, ITV Home Planet has partnered with four brands who are going greener to bring you a very important ad break."

Viewers will then see brand ads from Volkswagen, Sainsbury's, Inch's Cider and Ribena. Before each ad will be a 10 second animated pledge depicting a green scene featuring the brand's logo and their sustainability pledge which include Ribena reducing their impact on the environment with bottles that are 100% recyclable and made from recycled plastic and Inch’s Cider using apples that are closest to their mill and converting apple waste into green energy. The ad-break will end with a 10 second outro with a voiceover saying “By working together and making small changes, we can all make a huge difference to the world that we live in; our home planet.”

Mark Trinder, Director of Commercial Sales and Partnerships, ITV said: “We’re really excited to use the power of TV to mark World Environment Day and bring together like-minded brands to inform our viewers of four positive actions being made for the environment and how they can help at home.”



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