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ITV Studios Global Entertainment brings the UK’s most successful presenters Ant and Dec to Cannes and unveils rich and diverse MIPCOM 2019 slate

ITV Studios Global Entertainment brings the UK’s most successful presenters Ant and Dec to Cannes and unveils rich and diverse MIPCOM 2019 slate

Brand-Defining Drama For All Demos, Breath-Taking Blue Chip Factual and Uniquely Fun and Fast Formats

30 September, 2019 – ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) today announces it will bring the UK’s most successful TV presenters, Ant and Dec, to Cannes to share the story of their 29 years in the entertainment industry and, alongside the show’s popular host Stephen Mulhern, present the buzzy street-based gameshow In For A Penny to MIPCOM buyers. They will also discuss their dual roles as on-screen talent and creators in the panel BIG TALENT, BIGGER IDEAS with Angela Jain, MD ITV Studios Entertainment and Stephen Mulhern at 2.30 PM on Tuesday 15th October at Esterel level 5, Palais Des Festivals.

ITVS GE also unveils its MIPCOM 2019 slate which spans heart-racing UK and international drama to attention-grabbing non-scripted, and uniquely different formats - bursting with titles that are set to be the most moving, gripping and talked about TV around the world.


The much-anticipated Noughts + Crosses, based on the award-winning young adult novel series by Malorie Blackman, headlines the drama slate. A provocative tale of first love set in a dangerous alternate society, it is a powerful story that shines a light on societal issues of race, prejudice and identity. In contrast, the contemporary family drama Flesh and Blood weaves the complex, yet relatable, relationship dynamics of three adult siblings into a thrilling investigation and Sticks and Stones (formerly named The Man) explores the corrosive effects of workplace bullying.

As the leading international producers in the ITV Studios family deliver more new European titles, ITVS GE launches the award-winning Une Belle Histoire – the French adaptation of Big Talk and ITV’s global hit Cold Feet, alongside Masantonio and Petra two intriguing Italian procedural crime dramas. Also new is the hit revival of the iconic 90s series Seachange, which has become Australia’s number one drama of 2019.

A host of fresh character-driven comedies and comedy dramas also make their debut, including Glass Houses, a humorous yet cautionary tale about the perils of idle gossip, and Zomboat a gorily funny and unique take on the zombie apocalypse. Edgy, authentic and laugh-out-loud comedy Brassic returns with a second season commission, as does the sixth and final season of the universally-adored 2019 Emmy®-nominated Schitt’s Creek.


From nature to human nature, family life to true crime, the ITVS GE non-scripted slate has the real world covered.

Signalling the company’s invigorated commitment to wildlife programming India’s Wild Karnataka. The exquisite one-hour special is narrated by Sir David Attenborough who describes it as sending “a message of hope, not just across India but across the whole world”. Another title fronted by a world-renowned star, Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure allows us a sneak peek into the celebrated actress’ lifelong passion for nature, and as the world’s media turns its attention to Tokyo for next year’s Olympics, the beautifully shot Wild Tokyo explores the vast array of wildlife that thrives alongside the city’s human residents. Meanwhile, Anatomy of a Wild Fire looks at how these increasingly frequent raging infernos begin and what those on the frontline of the fight can do to stop them.

Closer to home, The Arrival takes an up-close and personal look at one of the most intense and life-changing events for any family – the arrival of a new baby; and named after the radio call sign issued by officers who need urgent assistance, Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack exposes, examines and empathises with the wide range of dangerous situations that police forces face every day; and Belmarsh Prison sees Ross Kemp enter HMP Belmarsh, the UK’s most notorious Category A prison, for an unflinching look at life behind bars.


The global record-breaking and award-winning hit Love Island, which has now been commissioned in 13 territories, once again heads a slate of new and successful returning formats, including Catchpoint, the physical gameshow which has been recommissioned by BBC One and has successfully launched in Hungary; and In For A Penny, the Saturday Night Takeaway feature now a fully-fledged show in its own right, which is returning to ITV for a second series.

Among the new formats being launched are Comedians Giving Lectures, a unique comedy format which guarantees brand new hilarious content every week as three comedians give their own take on an academic lecture, Old Wife, New Wife which examines what happens when an ex-wife moves in with newly-weds to try and resolve old issues, and The Switch a brand new fast, funny and play-along quiz show in which it’s easy to win cash but harder to keep it – and the opportunity to win is up for grabs until the very last question of every game.

Completing the new line-up are kids show Project Z, the part structured reality, part gameshow set in an imaginary world where Zombies roam the earth and Embarrassing Pets, which showcases a host of interesting owners and their cherished pets which all have something in common – embarrassing behavioural or health issues.

Ruth Berry, Managing Director of ITV Studios Global Entertainment, said “This year’s MIPCOM slate is everything you’d expect from ITVS GE and more. From young adult drama, to breath-taking nature programming and fun and fast formats, this is our richest and most diverse slate to date. We recognise that today’s audiences want us to challenge their perspectives by providing programming that is creative, memorable and thought-provoking and our new titles have these qualities in abundance. If you want conversation-starting content with the potential to grip the nation – look no further.”

Visit ITV Studios House, R7.N3, Riviera 7, Palais Des Festivals, Cannes MIPCOM 14 – 17 October 2019


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Noughts + Crosses

Adapted from the first book in Malorie Blackman’s bestselling series, the much-anticipated Noughts + Crosses is a gripping story of first love set in a dangerous, alternate world where racism divides society. Separated by their colour but united by forbidden love and burning injustice, Sephy Hadley (Masali Baduza) and Callum McGregor (Jack Rowan) are fighting for more than simply the right to be together. Sephy is a ‘Cross’, a member of the black ruling class and daughter of a prominent politician. Callum is a ‘Nought’, a white member of the underclass. The two have been friends since childhood, but, under the strict laws of this dystopian state, that’s as far as it can go. Their relationship grows ever more complicated as they come of age and against a backdrop of prejudice, distrust and rebellion, the passionate romance that builds between them will lead them both into terrible danger. An iconic love story of two families separated by power and prejudice but forever entwined by fate, Noughts + Crosses features an exceptional cast including Paterson Joseph, Bonnie Mbuli, Kike Brimah, Helen Baxendale, Ian Hart, Josh Dylan and Shaun Dingwall. Filmed in South Africa and produced by Mammoth Screen, the six-part drama is written by BAFTA® nominee Toby Whithouse, Lydia Adetunji, Nathaniel Price and Rachel De-Lahay.

Director: Julian Holmes (Daredevil, Outlander)

Writers: Toby Whithouse (Doctor Who, Being Human)

Nathaniel Price (Five by Five, Tin Star) and Lydia Adetunji (The Last Kingdom) Producer: Johann Knobel (Shameless)

Mammoth Screen for BBC One 6 x 60 mins

Flesh and Blood

Original thriller Flesh and Blood is a modern story of three adult siblings, exploring universal themes of relationships, trust, loyalty and love against the backdrop of the build-up to, and aftermath of, a tragic crime. The already dysfunctional lives of Helen, Jake and Natalie are thrown into disarray when their recently widowed mother Vivien declares she’s in love with a new man. Their suspicions are heightened as retired surgeon Mark sweeps their mother off her feet, shifting her priorities away from her children. Years of secrets, lies, rivalries and betrayals come to the surface and threaten to blow apart everything they’ve held dear. And through it all, Vivien’s overly attentive neighbour Mary quietly watches on, unhealthily attached to them all. With their large family home, inheritance and happy childhood memories all at risk, the siblings attempt to find out more about Mark. But will their long-buried grudges, complex relationships and complicated personal lives allow them to pull together? After all, our brothers and sisters can be our closest allies or our sworn enemies - often in the space of a heartbeat. And how will Mary play into this fractious situation, with her ongoing attempts to subtly involve herself in Vivien’s life? Weaving together a truthful family drama and a compelling investigation that doesn’t reveal the victim until the very end, Flesh and Blood proves that we can never really know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Director: Louise Hooper (Cheat, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man)

Writer: Sarah Williams (The Long Song, Becoming Jane)

Silverprint for ITV 4 x 60 mins

Sticks and Stones

Mike Bartlett, creator of Doctor Foster and Trauma, explores the corrosive effects of workplace bullying in this taut three-part psychological thriller starring Ken Nwosu. Set amid the competitive world of sales, the drama centres on the personal and professional life of Thomas Benson (Nwosu), a hard-working father and husband. Reliant on bonuses and winning pitches, Thomas often finds himself leading the team when trying to secure new business. However, when he freezes during a pitch, the fall out is monumental. Determined to prove himself, Thomas goes to increasingly desperate lengths to remain successful. But, as he does, he begins to feel undermined, under attack and out of control. Has he lost his confidence and is just being paranoid or is his own team, and maybe the wider world, now out to get him? Blending dark humour with intense drama, Sticks & Stones is a timely and globally relevant exploration of the potential cruelty of commercial competition and its impact on our psychology and humanity. Directed by Julia Ford and produced by Colin Wratten, this contemporary workplace drama also stars BAFTA®-winner Ben Miller, Sean Sagar, Susannah Fielding, Ritu Arya and Alexandra Roach.

Director: Julia Ford (Safe, Silent Witness)

Writer: Mike Bartlett (Doctor Foster, Trauma) Producer: Colin Wratten (Killing Eve, The Musketeers, Belgravia)

Tall Story Pictures for ITV 3 x 60 mins

Une Belle Histoire

Inspired by Mike Bullen’s much-loved hit Cold Feet, Une Belle Histoire is a dark-humoured romantic comedy-drama developed by the creative team behind scripted successes including Un Village Français and Les Hommes de l’Ombre. Recently awarded the prize for Best TV Series at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, it follows the unpredictable and eventful paths of three couples as they navigate love and life together and will resonate with viewers of all ages. In their 20s, 30s and 40s, these three men and three women are looking for the happiness we seek when we are young and the balance we strive for when we are less so. As they experience the ups and downs of romance, the series asks a universal question - what must be sacrificed to make a successful relationship? Their conjugal journey will be full of pitfalls and surprises – good and bad – as we witness the impact of misunderstandings that lead to comedy and accidents that lead to tragedies. But, throughout the drama, their friendship will be their security blanket.

Created by: Frédéric Krivine (Un Village Français) and Emmanuel Daucé (Un Village Français, Les Hommes de l’Ombre, Vernon Subutex)

Tetra Media Fiction, Monogo for France 2 8 x 60 mins French Language


From the producers of Gomorrah, this intriguing procedural crime drama digs deep into the heart of missing persons investigations – uncovering the human story within. Every year, 25,000 people in Italy vanish into thin air. In Masantonio, Genoa’s response to the crisis is to establish an office, hidden in an old museum, tasked with finding these people. Elio Masantonio, a lone wolf with a complex personality, seems to be the worst possible candidate to lead this office. But Masantonio has an extraordinary ability to get inside the lives – and heads – of the disappeared. His superiors can see his potential – particularly when partnered with Riva, a profoundly honest, open and patient cop who is Masantonio’s exact opposite. With Riva, who will quickly become his guardian angel, by his side, Masantonio will need to draw on all his skills to piece together these intricate, puzzling cases while also adding pieces to the puzzle that is his own life.

Directors: Fabio Mollo and Enrico Rosati

Writers: Gianluca Leoncini and Valerio Cilio

Cattleya for Mediaset 10 x 60 mins Italian Language


Character-driven procedural crime drama Petra brings to life the iconic and unconventional detective from Alicia Giménez-Bartlett’s bestselling novels. A twice-divorced sleuth working a tiresome desk job for Genoa’s criminal investigation squad, Petra is suddenly thrust onto the front line, tasked with solving violent crimes. Her new partner is Antonio Monte – an old-school policeman, close to retirement, with years of experience, wisdom and insight. The two couldn’t be more different – ingenious and complex, Petra is a symbol of contemporary women, while Antonio clings to the traditional roles of men and women. However, despite this ongoing battle of the sexes, their shared determination to uncover the truth leads to a surprisingly successful partnership. As they grapple with the stark realities of Genoa’s squalid and violent criminal underworld, Petra and Antonio will also engage in a higher-level investigation, exploring the meaning of life, the possibility of happiness and the fragility of the human condition.

Director: Maria Sole Tognazzi

Writer: Giulia Calenda, Ilaria Macchia, Furio Andreotti

Cattleya for Sky Italy, 4 x 90 mins


Winner of multiple Logie Awards, Seachange, one of Australia’s most iconic drama franchises, returns with a new contemporary version steered by the show’s original creator Deb Cox. Sigrid Thornton reprises her role as Laura Gibson, the city lawyer who - after her professional and personal life broke down - relocated to the sleepy seaside town of Pearl Bay with her children. Twenty years on, after the failure of her marriage and loss of her job in Africa, Laura nds herself questioning her place in the world once again. So, she decides to make the trek home to Pearl Bay to reunite with her family. Upon her arrival, however, a perfect storm of family politics, environmental disasters and a fractured community convinces Laura that this beachside paradise now needs her as much as she needs it. Resuming her old job of magistrate, it’s not long before Laura is back at the heart of Pearl Bay, facing new challenges alongside her family and the town’s residents. Combining procedural drama with ongoing character arcs, all set amid the slightly enchanted bubble that is Pearl Bay, the new Seachange will embrace the distinctive ‘magical realist’ style of the original series.

Lead Director: Wayne Blair (Cleverman)

Head Writer & Creator: Deb Cox (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Newton’s Law)

Producer: Lois Randall (East of Everything)

Executive Producers: Fiona Eagger, David Mott, Sigrid Thornton, Deb Cox

ITV Studios Australia and Every Cloud Productions for Nine Network 8 x 60 mins

Glass Houses

Created and written by Mark Brotherhood and starring Dawn French, new comedy drama Glass Houses delves into what happens when idle gossip escalates out of control and starts to affect people’s lives. Set in a picturesque fishing village, the series centres on Maggie Cole (French), the self-appointed oracle of this close-knit community. Maggie makes it her business to know a little bit about everyone’s lives. She certainly doesn’t pay attention to the cautionary adage that ‘those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’. When a radio journalist interviews Maggie for a small reportage piece about local life, she gives him far more detail – and embellishment – about the locals and their personal lives than he was counting on. In the days and weeks following the show’s broadcast, Maggie’s over- zealous chit-chat gets her into serious hot water, as the fallout from her very public gossip-fest disrupts the lives of her fellow residents. Packed full of comedy, intrigue and suspense, Glass Houses is a warmly humorous yet distinctly cautionary tale about the perils of passing on unfounded gossip. An ensemble cast of characters feature alongside Maggie, including Peter (Mark Heap), Maggie’s husband of 31 years and headmaster of the local school; Maggie’s best friend Jill (Julie Hesmondhalgh); school secretary Karen (Vicki Pepperdine); and handsome part-time resident Marcus (Patrick Robinson), who rents a cottage where he writes his bestselling novels.

Director: Ben Gregor (Cuckoo, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Doc Martin)

Writer: Mark Brotherhood (Benidorm, Shameless UK, Mount Pleasant)

Producers: Sophie Clarke-Jervoise (Benidorm, Mount Pleasant) and

Simon Nye (The Durrells)

Genial Productions for ITV 6 x 60 mins


As hordes of the undead swarm across the city, four unlikely travelling companions must flee for their lives – by canal boat – in gorily funny new comedy adventure Zomboat! When the zombie apocalypse is unleashed in the British city of Birmingham, sisters Jo and Kat, together with Amar and Sunny, face a high-stakes battle to survive – while trapped on the slowest mode of transport around. Jo, having just returned from a season as a club rep, has decided to move back in with younger sister Kat, a computer game addict who buys into every conspiracy theory around. Jo struggles to take her sister seriously when she claims the zombie apocalypse is real and happening - right now. When it all kicks off, the pair unexpectedly find themselves stuck on a narrow boat on the Grand Union canal with upbeat gym bunny Amar, who’s ready to face things head on, and his oldest friend Sunny, who’d rather sit it all out from the comfort of his sofa. As they journey along the canal in their tightly packed living quarters, friendships develop, alliances form, arguments occur and romance blossoms. Along the way, each of them will realise that there’s no escaping the problems of everyday life, even when it seems like the end of the world. Featuring a talented cast of young actors, Zomboat! is a high-concept original comedy from the producers of BAFTA®-nominated series The Windsors.

Director: Adam Miller (The Windsors, Some Girls, Mongrels)

Writers: Adam Miller (Mongrels), Will Hartley and Liz Doran (Please Like Me, Doctor Doctor) Executive Producers: Robert Wulff-Cochrane and Camilla Campbell (The Windsors, Prime Suspect: Tennison) Producer: Matthew Mulot (Ghosts, Dead Pixels)

Noho for ITV2 and Hulu 6 x 30 mins


Written by BAFTA® winner Danny Brocklehurst, this edgy and authentic original comedy follows a group of working-class friends who find unconventional ways to win at life. Vinnie (Joseph Gilgun), a Lancashire lad with bipolar disorder, and Dylan (Damien Molony), his razor smart best mate, are inseparable and utterly co-dependent. Alongside Cardi, Ash, Tommo and JJ, the lads have dealt, scammed, bribed and conned their way through adolescence. But now, on the brink of adulthood, their dealing and stealing is catching up with them. Like a carefully stacked tower of cards, what happens if one of them is knocked down or, worse, removed from the pack entirely? Veering between hilarious comedy and raw, heartfelt emotion, this outrageous, funny and bold show is about irreplaceable lifelong friends, loyalty and the things that come between them. Co-created by Danny Brocklehurst and This is England star Joseph Gilgun, Brassic also stars Michelle Keegan, Ruth Sheen and Tim Key.

Writers: Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless, Safe, Ordinary Lies) and Alex Ganley (Shameless, Safe)

Creators: Joseph Gilgun (Misfits, Preacher), Danny Brocklehurst

Directors: Daniel O’Hara (Being Human, Silent Witness), Jon Wright (Our Girl, Ordinary Lies)

Executive Producers: David Livingstone (Pride), Joseph Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst, Jon Mountague (Mount Pleasant, Stella)

Producer: Juliet Charlesworth (Happy Valley, Scott & Bailey)

Calamity Films for Sky

Series 2: 6 x 60 mins Coming Soon Series 1: 6 x 60 mins

Schitt’s Creek

With a sixth – and final – season recently commissioned, Schitt’s Creek continues to prove a smash hit with critics and audiences alike, receiving four Primetime Emmy® nominations in 2019. Created by and starring Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, this irreverent and original character-driven comedy-drama centres on the ‘reversal of fortune’ story of the once filthy-rich Rose family. Suddenly finding themselves broke, the Roses are forced to leave their pampered lives behind and rebuild their empire in Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once purchased as a joke. In the fifth season, we find the family finally thriving in the place they now call home, ready to take their personal relationships, business pursuits and, for some, exit strategies to the next level.

Directors: Daniel Levy, Laurie Lynd, Jordan Canning and Andrew Cividino

Writers: Daniel Levy, David West Read, Rupinder Gill and Michael Short

Co-creators: Daniel Levy, Eugene Levy

Not A Real Company Productions Inc. for CBC / POP Series 6: 14 x 30 mins

Series 1-5: 66 x 30 mins


India's Wild Karnataka

Narrated by the acclaimed broadcaster, writer and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, this exquisite, landmark film delivers dazzling behaviours and a diversity of wildlife rarely seen in a one-off blue-chip documentary. The Indian state of Karnataka is one of the richest wild places on Earth. It occupies five per cent of the country’s landmass, yet it is home to a quarter of India’s animal species, including more tigers and elephants than anywhere else on the planet. Camera teams spent three years here, filming in the region’s mountains, deserts, jungles, and oceans - and gained unprecedented access to some of India’s most famous national parks. This combination of dedication and skill has captured a wealth of memorable wildlife moments, set against some of Asia’s most mind-blowing landscapes.

Icon Films and Mudskipper Production for ITV Studios Global Entertainment 1 x 60 mins

Wild Tokyo

It may be the largest, busiest, and most densely populated metropolitan area in the world, but Tokyo’s 38 million residents share their home, often unknowingly, with a surprising array of wildlife. This extraordinary film, gorgeously shot in 4K by leading natural history cinematographers, visits the city’s rooftops, parks and streets to uncover the remarkable animals that thrive alongside the people.

Exploring this unseen side of Tokyo, we find everything from hunting goshawks and thieving monkeys, to tiny spiders and giant, twenty-five-foot whale sharks.

Oxford Scientific Films for NHK 1 x 60 mins

Judi Dench's Wild Borneo Adventure

Oscar®-winning actress Dame Judi Dench has had a lifelong passion for nature and in this charming mini-series, beautifully filmed with cutting-edge technology, she gets to explore it like never before. On the trip of a lifetime to Borneo, Judi braves the dangers of the jungle and travels down the mighty Kinabatangan River, coming face-to-face with a variety of unique animals, including orangutans and proboscis monkeys, as well as the local people who live alongside them. She also examines the threats posed by global warming and deforestation and meets with the scientists trying to save this island paradise for the future.

Atlantic Productions for ITV (UK), PBS (USA) & ABC (Australia) 2 x 60 mins

The Arrival

Wherever you are in the world, the arrival of a new baby into the home is one of the most intense and life-changing events. This series takes an unprecedented look at the lives of six different families in the lead up to birth, the arrival home, and the first few weeks following. Filmed 24/7, it captures everything from the drama of childbirth and the bewilderment of dealing with the new arrival alone to first smiles and visiting relations. Packed with emotional highs and lows, every funny, sweet and frustrating moment, these intimate and personal stories of transition also reveal universal truths about human and family relationships.

The Garden Productions for BBC Two 4 x 60 mins

Anatomy of Wild Fire

Few elements on the planet can match the breath-taking force of wild re. It has the ability to shape whole ecosystems, power civilisations and destroy them. In the past few years, the world has witnessed some of the most dramatic and devastating wild res in history. Across the planet, they’re burning bigger and more often than ever before, incinerating livestock and people, as well as causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage. In this powerful series, we look at how these raging infernos begin, what makes them so formidable and what those on the frontline of the fight can do to stop them.

Okuhle Media for SABC 2 x 60 mins

Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack

With cases of gun and knife crime rising, it’s no surprise that there is an alarming increase in police ‘Code Zero’ callouts – the radio call sign issued by officers who need urgent assistance, often when their lives are in danger. This series exposes, examines and empathises with the wide range of dangerous situations that police forces face every day and captures real-time footage from incoming ‘Code Zero’ calls, following participant teams and responders through every terrifying turn of events, as they play out.

Reef Television for Channel 5 4 x 60 mins

Belmarsh Prison

Ross Kemp takes us inside HMP Belmarsh, the UK’s most notorious Category A prison, for an un inching look at life behind bars. He examines the impact of imprisonment on inmates’ families and reviews a pioneering mentor scheme to help stop re-offenders.

MultiStory Media for ITV 2 x 60 mins


Comedians Giving Lectures

Comedy just got serious! Three of the country's top comedians give their own unique take on an academic lecture. Each talk has the title of a genuine lecture...but none of the content! From '10 Ways The World Could End' to 'How to Spot a Liar?', our comedians find the funny in the facts, taking a hilarious approach to a variety of topics. Then it's down to an expert and the studio audience to score the lectures to decide whose talk came out on top. Powerpoint and pie-charts have never been so much fun!

12 Yard Productions for Dave

Old Wife, New Wife

What is the best way to move on once a romantic relationship breaks down? What happens when you have to find a way to work together for the sake of the kids? Well, these couples are hoping that the answer is for one of them to move their new partner in with their ex! Each episode of 'Old Wife, New Wife' sees a different trio move in together for a week with the hopes of healing old wounds and moving forward as friends. The former couple is forced to face the reality of what went wrong in their relationship, whilst the new partner must confront the reality of their other half's past.

Will all three find a way to work together in the name of good parenting? Will the new couple learn from previous mistakes? Or will re-visiting an old relationship cause new tensions or even rekindle old flames?!

ITV Studios Entertainment for Channel 5

The Switch

The quiz where it’s easy to win cash, but harder to keep it! Shot on our cost-effective set, this fast-paced quiz with plenty of play-along allows contestants to accumulate cash during ‘Easy Money’ rounds. But to bank it, they must survive the ‘Switch’: a fiendish multiple choice round, where mistakes will see them eliminated. At the end, only one player remains to face the ‘Final Switch’ and the chance to walk away with the cash.

Possessed for ITV

Project Z

In a terrifying future, evil zombie-like ‘Zeds’ are taking over. Survivors must complete challenges to defeat the Zeds and escape unharmed. This immersive kid’s gameshow sees 5 friends take on the Zeds that have taken over their school. They must solve puzzles, crack codes and follow clues to escape, but danger awaits at every turn. The team is under pressure as the Zeds close in: if any of the team are infected, they become one of the Zeds! They must work together or risk being infected before reaching the endgame.

Boom Kids for CITV

Embarrassing Pets

If you’ve ever had a crazy cat, a smelly stoat or a pesky parrot, then the team at the Embarrassing Pets practice is here to help. Packed with warmth, humour and, of course, unbelievable animals, we witness vets dealing with awkward medical issues, and animal behaviour experts helping owners train their untrainable pets. And of course, sometimes it’s the owner, as much as the pet, that needs the help!

MultiStory Media for Channel 4

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