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ITV Studios to unveil Spring slate at its Formats Festival

Published: Fri 15 Feb 2019

ITV Studios to unveil Spring slate at its Formats Festival
Exciting new shows will be presented to buyers at its annual event
More entertainment shows in new territories than ever before in 2019
ITV Studios has unveiled its Spring formats slate as it prepares to welcome buyers to its annual Formats Festival today.
As ITV Studios enters a year in which it has more entertainment shows in new territories than ever before, over 200 people will congregate in central London to hear from producers across the ITV Studios group who will present their latest entertainment, reality, game show and quiz formats.
Buyers present will hear from labels including The Garden, Possessed, 12 Yard and Boom, discussing key titles such as Operation Live, Catchpoint and The Chamber.
Those titles are joined on the slate by Shiver’s All Star Musicals, €5k Wedding Challenge from Boom, Big Talk Productions’ The Imitation Game, The Hangover Games from Little Gem and The Most Beautiful Bride from ITV Studios France.
ITV Studios will be joined at the Formats Festival by both Talpa, who will be introducing buyers to DanceSing, The Desert and Minor Problems, and Twofour presenting Beat The Chef and Secret Teacher.
The event, taking place for the seventh successive year, will also include an early look at new launches for later in 2019.
The new shows join ITV Studios’ growing slate of international hit formats, including Love Island, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Hell’s Kitchen, Big Star Little Star, Come Dine With Me and The Chase.
Mike Beale, MD Nordics & Global Creative Network, ITV Studios, said: “From Operation Live, which brings a whole new level of access to surgeons and the operating table, to The Chamber, a unique new physical game show filmed underground, our new spring slate includes exciting new shows tackling their genres in innovative new ways.
“Our Formats Festival enables us to get a head start with buyers on our new shows launching across the year, while also reminding them of the continued success of our existing hits performing in markets around the world, such as Love Island and I’m A Celebrity. It allows for greater context and valuable insight, and gets conversations started in earnest ahead of MIPTV and other global markets over the next few months.”
Since the beginning of 2018, Love Island has tripled its overall number of international production hours and has now been commissioned in 11 territories with more to follow. Meanwhile, series 18 of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in the UK was its most watched series ever, series 13 in Germany - where it is the number one entertainment show - has just recently aired on RTL 2, the final of series five in Australia airs this Sunday with series six already commissioned by Network Ten, while a new version has been commissioned by TF1 in France.
Full details of ITV Studios’ slate, along with the Talpa and Twofour formats being presented, can be found below.
Possessed and 12 Yard co-production for BBC One
The big, physical game in which you don’t always have to be correct to win – you just have to be close enough to the dropping balls… and catch them! Two teams of two answer a series of picture questions to build up their money bank. Every question has ten possible answers, each represented by an image on a giant LED screen. Suspended above the screen is a mechanism that will release a giant ball with the correct answer. Each ball caught adds money to the bank. All the players have to stand in front of the image showing what they hope to be the correct answer. If they are right, the ball will simply drop into their hands but, if they’re wrong, they still have the opportunity to dash, dive or leap to catch it from wherever it falls. The closer they are to the correct answer, the easier it is to reach the falling ball. Full of unique, visual questions, nail-biting tension and hilarious fun.
Boom for S4C
The Chamber is a unique game show like nothing else on earth…or under earth. The world’s first underground game show thrusts everyday people into an extraordinary subterranean world. Each episode sees two teams take on four different levels designed to test fitness, brainpower and bravery.  The aim of the game is to be the first team to reach the bottom of the chamber and escape, in a race against time to crack the code before the power – and the chamber itself – shut down! With a fully-functioning international hub in Wales, based in a disused Victorian mine, The Chamber delivers a ready-made opportunity for cost-effective, family entertainment.
The Garden for Channel 5
Drama from the operating theatre. Live. For the first time ever, the life-changing work of doctors and surgeons is captured for live broadcast, bringing unprecedented emotional weight and nail-biting tension to the audience in real time. From open heart surgery to a replacement knee operation, we are there with the surgical team through every astonishing moment. Our host observes from a distance, accompanied by a medical expert who can take the audience through each painstaking incision and difficult decision step-by-step. An honest, moving and gripping portrayal of modern medicine in your nation.
Shiver for ITV
Seven famous faces step out of their comfort zones to compete in an all-singing, all-dancing, musical theatre extravaganza! The celebrity cast is taken through its paces by expert mentors, who will help each individual channel their inner diva before they perform their own fully choreographed routine, re-enacting performances in front of a packed theatre and viewers at home. Can these sporting heroes and small screen stars become leading ladies and musical maestros in time for their big night? It’s up to the audience to crown their winner!
Boom for S4C
Getting married doesn’t have to break the bank. One happy couple hands over the plans for their big day to their friends and family – they know what they want for their dream wedding but can’t afford the price tag. So, their friends and family are going to step in to help. But do they really know what the couple is hoping for, and will they be able to deliver it within a €5,000 budget?! Assisted by our dynamic duo of presenters, our wedding organisers must knock on doors and pick up the phone to barter, beg and rely on community spirit in order to deliver the perfect day. All the while, the couple are oblivious to the preparations, and it is only at the big reveal on the day itself that they truly see the time, effort and love that has gone into every detail. Welcome to the fun, feel-good format that puts the heart back into weddings!
Little Gem for E4
A new comedy entertainment show that sees a group of mates being surprised by a pop-up gameshow in which they must complete a series of outrageous challenges and games – all whilst hungover! Each episode visits a new town and challenges a group of friends to show the nation how they like to party. But our partygoers are in for a rude awakening the next morning when our cheeky host surprises them with an invite to our studio to take part in hilarious games all based on what happened the night before. Encouraged by our rowdy studio audience, they’ll take on some stomach-churning, mind-bending challenges, all for the chance to win a cash prize for the team!
Big Talk Productions for ITV
How do you cast a comedy game show guaranteed to star everyone from Donald Trump to Björk, from Britney Spears to Angela Merkel? The answer? The Imitation Game! It’s the hilarious new panel show in which actors, comedians and impersonators compete in a series of fast-paced games and challenges all based on impressions. From topical satire to musical comedy, The Imitation Game has countless witty contests to put our celebrity-sound-alikes to the test!
ITV Studios France for TF1
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful bride of all? Four brides rate every element of each other’s perfect wedding look – from hair and make-up, to accessories and of course ‘the dress’, but only one bride can win her dream outfit. They can observe their competitors as they prepare their look for the big day, scoring each element of the style, but only in the final ‘Magic Mirror’ reveal will each see the full transformation. Extravagant princess dress or minimalist gown, sequinned stilettos or rebellious sneakers – which look will win them the title of the most beautiful bride?
DanceSing is an exhilarating new talent show for all- round superstars. It seeks out talents who can both sing and dance at the highest level! Talents must crush both auditions to advance to the hardest bootcamp ever seen on TV, where they will be living under one roof and working hard to remain in this knock-out competition. Only four talents will make it to the final, where they have to give a once in a lifetime mini-concert under extreme conditions. Which superstar will be able to impress our expert judges and win the ultimate career kick-off with one of the world’s most renowned music producers?
Find the hero within.
In The Desert, competitors are taken away from the urban jungle and placed in the heart of the world’s most unforgiving environment: the desert. Split into teams and guided by survival experts, they must make this harsh environment their home. Weekly boot camps and tests will lead to eliminations, where the losing team will have to vote a team member off the show. Eventually both teams merge into one, and it will be everyone for themselves. After 100 days, the two remaining finalists will compete in an epic three-day solitary race through the desert! This is more than just a competition. The Desert is a transformational journey of self-discovery that will test the competitors’ determination and physical strength. Who will keep up with nature?
In Talpa’s newest dramedy series we follow four families with opposite methods of parenting. Despite their social and cultural differences, the families are connected and often face common problems because they all raise teenagers. Social media, peer pressure, drugs, sex… the social pressure to be the perfect parent when it comes to raising their adolescents is relatable to many people. These parents certainly have set the bar very high for themselves and their beloved minors. Because life must above all be perfect.
It’s the brand-new cookery competition gameshow format where home cooks go head-to-head against top chefs in fast-paced cook-offs to win a £10,000 cash prize. Across a series of five challenges, one accomplished amateur must cook up a storm to try and win over members of a tasting jury who blind taste the dishes. Each round is a gastronomic gamble as every vote is worth money. If they cook well, they climb up the money ladder and 'beat the chef', but lose, and they walk away with nothing. With all the jeopardy of a cooking competition and drama of a money ladder game show, it promises to be a compelling culinary experience.
Successful business owners – all of whom struggled at school – want to give others the helping hand they never had so they’re going undercover as school support staff. Each episode will focus on a new member of support staff joining a different state secondary school in a variety of locations across the country - unbeknownst to the students and nearly all the staff who will have no idea just who the new member of the team is. From the nerves that come with stepping into a rowdy classroom for the first time, to overseeing detention and working with those students who need extra support, the entrepreneurs gradually identify which of the students they want to help before revealing their identity in what could be a life-changing finale.