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ITV2 releases the hounds this Halloween

Published: Wed 02 Oct 2013

Brand new horror gameshow, Release The Hounds, presented by TV and radio favourite Reggie Yates, will be unleashed on ITV2.
This Halloween special promises scream-out-loud horror and humour and will air on 28 October 2013.
Release The Hounds, produced by Gogglebox Entertainment, sees three unsuspecting contestants enter a forest at dusk, in a quest to unlock chests full of prize money. The not so fearless friends responded to an advert for the chance to win, but little do they know, in order to win big, they have to face the scariest challenges ever endured on TV. 
To locate the keys, the friends must enter a field of crucified scarecrows, descend beneath the floorboards in a deserted cabin, and read bedtime stories in the nursery from hell. But the ultimate challenge for them all is to out-run a pack of hounds, trained to guard the cash. If they manage to escape, the money belongs to them.  If they don’t…. 
Release The Hounds is filmed in a remote forest, from dusk through the dead of night. 
Presenter Reggie Yates is in communication from outside the forest, following the contestants progress throughout their fright night ordeal. 
Release The Hounds was commissioned by Kate Maddigan, ITV's commissioning editor for entertainment and ordered for ITV2 by Angela Jain, ITV's director of digital channels and acquisitions. The executive producers are Gogglebox founders Adam Wood and Mat Steiner.
Reggie Yates said: “Filming Release the Hounds was certainly an experience; imagine being stranded in a deserted wood facing chilling challenges, haunted houses and a pack of hounds. I’m just happy I was watching from the sidelines…unlike the contestants!”
Angela Jain, ITV's Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, added:  "Release The Hounds combines horror with a gameshow. It's genuinely scary and funny in equal measure and just perfect for Halloween."
Adam Wood commented: “Release The Hounds dials the television scare-o-meter up to new levels. To escape with the money contestants not only have to overcome terrifying challenges but also the primeval fear of being chased – they deserve every penny they get!”