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Jake Quickenden and Edwina Currie to join I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Published: Thu 20 Nov 2014

Jake Quickenden and Edwina Currie to join I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!
Jake Quickenden
Date of birth: 3rd September 1988
Phobias: Rats
Missing any special occasions?: No
Role in the camp: To have a laugh with fellow contestants
Miss most: Food
Dream camper: Eric Cantona
Relationship status: Single
Jake Quickenden
For this year’s X Factor contestant Jake Quickenden, going into the jungle is a dream come true.
Readily admitting he hasn’t stopped grinning since he was asked to go on I’m A Celebrity, the 26-year-old singer says he has to keep pinching himself that he is joining other celebrities around the campfire.
“Things like this don’t happen to me,” he says. “I am just a normal bloke. 
“I said yes straight away. It is such an amazing show. I used to watch it with my older brother and we both said we’d love to do it one day. It’s a real adventure and it is going to be so much fun.
“I am going to take this opportunity with both hands. I want to relish everything that is thrown at me. I actually haven’t stopped grinning since I got offered this.”
He bursts out laughing before adding: “And I will look forward to getting my teeth into everything - but who knows what I am getting my teeth into?!”
Leaving the luxuries of the X Factor house behind to live simply in the jungle with nothing but a hammock as a bed will not be too problematic for Jake.
Says the singer: “The difference between the X Factor house and the jungle is really extreme but I love chatting to people and listening to people.
“It is such a shock when you leave the X Factor house and so it will be nice to be around people again. I can’t wait!”
Lack of food is going to be the biggest problem for Jake.
“I was eating like a horse when I left the X Factor house and so I am going to really miss my food,” he admits. “I had no time to prepare for the experience beforehand and I know I probably will go a bit mad on no food but I am not going to complain. I am so happy to be part of this.”
He says he is determined not to let his fellow celebrities down.
“I am not keen on rats but I don’t mind heights or water,” he says. “I like physical challenges and I will give them a go. The eating trials are funny but I will do them. I am happy to do everything.”
Describing himself as easy going, he reveals bad manners do, however, annoy the X Factor contestant. “I don’t get wound up that easily but I don’t like bad manners,” he stresses. “If someone is being rude, that’s not nice.”
Given he has just taken part on one of the country’s biggest music shows, is he now turning his back on a singing career? Definitely not, replies Jake. “Music is what I want to do,” he says. “I’ve already got some songs written that I’d love to release on an album one day. But this is not going to hurt anyone and it is such an amazing opportunity.”
So what does he think Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and his own mentor, Mel B, will say when they discover he is going on I’m A Celebrity? 
“I am sure they will have a little giggle,” chuckles Jake. “It will be pretty funny. At the end of the day I am not doing anything wrong. I really have landed on my feet and it is so nice. If I hadn’t left the X Factor, I probably would not have been offered this. Doing I’m A Celebrity could open up so many different doors.”
As for whether Jake, who says he is currently single, will be bursting into song around the campfire and the TV reality star thinks it could backfire on him. “I’d probably annoy people if I sang all the time,” he says. “I just want to have a laugh with everyone.”
And how would it feel to be crowned King of the Jungle? “Oh I don’t want to think about that,” he replies. “If you do win it, it is acceptance that people like you for who you are. But I am not going in there to win. This is all about having fun…”
Edwina Currie
Age: 68
Date of birth: 13th October 1946
Phobias: Anything that smells horrible. The hardest thing will be getting stars if you are being bitten and nibbled and it is out of your control
Missing any special occasions?: Not really but I will miss the hubby
Role in the camp: Telling celebrities they are talking rubbish if they are
Miss most: The hubby
Dream camper: Mel Sykes. I am looking forward to meeting her
Relationship status: Married
Edwina Currie
She’s famous for her sharp tongue and as former Conservative MP, Edwina Currie, enters the jungle, she has promised to pull no punches with her fellow celebrities.
Pledging to stir up mischief if she sees fit, the tough talking ex-Junior Health Minister admits she will also have no qualms giving her fellow campers a telling off if they are being very annoying.
And asked if she saw her role in the camp as a motherly figure, the 68-year-old, who has two daughters, smiles as she declares: “That’s not my national reputation!
“If I hear someone talking complete bo**ocks, then I will probably say so. I am a Scouser and there is no such thing as a meek Scouser.
“I will quite possibly tell them if they are annoying me too. Or you can pull a face or a gesture. It really does depend what they are doing. I will only get cross with those who don’t try. If you sign up to do something like this show, then you have to do your best. If anyone is pulling a fast one or letting the side down, then they might get a tongue-lashing. On the other hand, if they are really upset, I hope I am sympathetic.”
She thinks politicians will be split on her decision to go on I’m A Celebrity.
Says Edwina: “Some of them will be saying ‘what is the programme like?’ If there is any logic in politics, which there isn’t, my political opponents will be voting for me to stay in and my political friends will be going ‘no let’s get her home as quick as we can’.”
Recalling the time when Margaret Thatcher was discussing the show with Neil Hamilton, the outspoken star laughs as she reveals: “I remember Neil talking to Margaret Thatcher. His wife, Christine, was in it. He was trying to explain to a very elderly Margaret Thatcher what it was all about and she couldn’t hear very well. He told her the title of the show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! ‘Neil’ she said, ‘you have only been here a few minutes, surely you can stay a bit longer?!”
So why exactly is Edwina, who has also starred in Hell’s Kitchen and Strictly Come Dancing in the past, taking the plunge and going on the programme? She says she wants to fly the flag for older people and have another adventure.
“I am 68 and I like having adventures,” she admits. “If an advanced stage of life is not an adventure, then you might as well give up on everything! This will certainly be something I have never experienced before.”
Admitting she was asked to take part on the very first I’m A Celebrity but turned it down, the 68-year-old adds: “It is nice to get asked again and I do hope I come out of it in tact! I am looking forward to making new friendships and I am hoping the experience won’t be too horrible!”
Not being able to speak, let alone see, her husband, John Jones, will be very tough. “I am going to miss him the most,” she says. “We have been married for 13 and a half years and since we have been together, we have hardly spent any time out of each other’s company. “He says he is proud of me but it will be hard.
“I am going to take a plaster cast of his hand with me!”
Her eight-year-old granddaughter will be beside herself when she discovers Edwina is in the jungle, reckons the star.
“When I was on Strictly, she got asked for her autograph at school,” says Edwina. 
“She is going to think this is great.”
Will she miss luxuries like a soft bed? “I won’t but it will be a nuisance for my near neighbours,” she chuckles.
“I am looking forward to losing weight if I am totally frank. I do need to lose weight. The main thing that worries me is other people will be dependant on me getting something decent to eat in an environment that is beyond my power.
“What does also worry me are the bugs like mosquitoes. They always find me and they eat me.”
She pauses, laughs and then adds: “Actually eating them will feel like revenge!”
As for being bored in the jungle and Edwina thinks if there is a good-looking celebrity joining her, this won’t be a problem. “If there is any eye totty I will just look at that,” jokes the former politician.
So how would she feel if she won the show? “That would be gob-smacking,” replies Edwina. “I would never live it down.”