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Joanna Lumley returns to India for epic new ITV documentary series.

Published: Wed 15 Mar 2017

Joanna Lumley returns to India, the country in which she was born, for epic new ITV documentary series.
ITV has commissioned a three-part documentary series, Joanna Lumley’s India, from Burning Bright to air this Autumn.
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Independence of India and 2017 is also the “UK-India Year of Culture,” marking the close ties between the two nations. Keen to embrace the celebrations, Joanna will take us back to the country of her birth to enjoy the vibrant nation that it is today.
A year older than Independent India itself, Joanna was born in India into the last days of The Raj and India was home to both sides of her family for several generations. It’s a deeply personal journey for her, as she spends time in the place where her maternal grandparents lived during the 1920s and 30s, when her grandfather, Lieutenant-Colonel Leslie Weir, was the Political Officer of Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet. It was where her mother lived when she was small and so holds a strong family connection for Joanna.
Joanna will travel the length and breadth of India, over 5000 miles, for an immersive and extraordinary exploration of its diverse landscapes, different cultural traditions and incomparable spirit. Discovering how independence has shaped it into the constantly evolving and endlessly fascinating country it is today.
Meeting a diverse mix of people, Joanna will draw on her connections and experience to celebrate her own family history and memories along the way.
Joanna’s epic journey will celebrate the beauty, wildlife, people, culture, history, modernity and rich diversity of this unique land.
Joanna says: “I am thrilled that ITV has given me this opportunity to travel the length of the country of my birth.”
Clive Tulloh, executive producer at Burning Bright says: “Joanna Lumley is currently making the very best travelogues on British television. There is no-one better to guide the ITV viewer through this amazing country."
ITV commissioner Jo Clinton-Davis says: “India is clearly a special place to Joanna and this is the perfect year for her to share and celebrate it with us. Her personal connection and infectious curiosity promise to deliver a uniquely entertaining and insightful journey into such a magical place.”