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Loose Women Body Stories

Published: Mon 01 May 2017

Every Body tells a story....Tuesday 2nd May at 12.30pm on ITV 
Loose Women Body Stories airs from Tuesday 2nd May at 12.30pm. The campaign sees nine of ITV’s Loose Women panellists bare their bodies for the first time - without filters or airbrushing - and photographed in swimwear by international superstar photographer Bryan Adams, who has previously photographed the most famous women in the world including The Queen and Kate Moss.
Billboard posters launched across the country yesterday featuring the stunning images of the Loose Women. The aim of the campaign is to encourage all women, whatever age, or size, to celebrate the story their body tells. Whatever it is that they see as their 'flaws', be it a post-operative scar, birthmarks, post baby-weight or stretch marks; to say ‘it’s ok, it’s part of what makes you ‘you’.
On Tuesday’s show from 12.30pm on ITV, the panel will invite viewers to tell their own body stories with the hashtag  #MyBodyMyStory - some of which will be featured on the programme over the coming days and weeks.  
Loose Women Editor, Sally Shelford, “Here at Loose Women we talk honestly and speak from the heart. We are fed up of being pressured to get bikini ready and feeling bad about our bodies because they don’t live up to an unrealistic ‘perfect’ figure. Instead, we wanted a campaign that celebrates the stories our bodies tell – from the babies our bodies have carried and nurtured, or the scars that say we’ve lived to tell a tale, they all make us unique and who we are.”
Bryan Adams said: “It was a funny thing to get a call and be asked to do this… and what I thought was interesting about the brief was, they wanna be natural, they don't want any retouching, and they want it to be real, and I thought, ‘Ok! that sounds really good!’
“So the fact that all of the women were all being really honest about how they are, I thought, ‘Well that's great.’”
“I have wasted more time than I can to think of over my body issues. I’ve always hated being naked. I felt quite panic stricken at the thought of getting my body out in front of myself never mind a rock god! Stepping into the studio in my bra and pants was beyond cringe. There I was stretch marks, cellulite and all the battle scars of life for all to see with the knowledge that there would be zero airbrushing.
“And to be honest that's why I wanted to do the shoot. I wanted to practice what I preach to my daughters. What the hell does it matter what we look like as long as we are smart, brave and kind?
“I'm praying that after this I will feel liberated and no longer be living in my secret cellulite hell!”
“I think it’s really important not to pretend we’re all perfect… from under my boobs down to my pubic area I have a lot of scars - from my C-sections and previous operations to do with pregnancy, and my hysterectomy scars.
“I do wear bikinis but I usually hoik them up to cover the scars. With this shoot I’m revealing my scars. It’s the first time and it has been weird.
“I hope people see the pictures for what they are; real women, not edited or airbrushed, letting their body tell their story. Since the shoot my confidence has really increased.”
“I have a constant body battle. I often eat in ‘rebellion’. It goes back to when I was only a child and an uncle picked on me saying I was the ‘heavy one’. I know I’m not at the low weight I've got down to several times in the past but ultimately I've decided life's too short to spend it on a yo-yo diet, I've made peace with the way my body looks and, quite frankly, I like cake just a little bit too much! I was scared before the shoot, but I totally embraced it and my body – particularly when it came to the solo shoot.
“I hope other women with body shapes like mine feel they can also be proud of themselves - there's no perfect person in the world - we all come in different ages, shapes and sizes and life is too short to spend it hating yourself because you not a size 8 or 21 anymore.”
“I’m 59 and the only bit I like about my body is my nose. I hate my legs. I have big legs - me and my sister always have had big legs. I never get them out from above the knee. The tops of my legs are covered in red and navy veins. I hate having pictures taken of me in a swimsuit without a sarong. It upsets my kids when unflattering things get published. I also hate my breasts - they are so big and heavy.
“I never normally take my clothes off – even for my husband. But I’ve gone sugar free and I’ve lost 17 pounds – so I’m feeling better than I have in years. I’m far from body confident, but I think it’s really important to show these pictures to inspire all women to appreciate their body at any age.”
“Coming from a Muslim background you had to hide your body and could not expose your skin. I was brought up with the mentality to not draw attention to my body. I battled against my curves when I was younger as I didn’t want boys to notice me for being sexy - I was brought up to never bare my skin in front of men - it took me a long time not to feel guilty for wearing a dress or baring my arms.
“I have talked about being "touched up" when I was 13 years old  and that experience led to a disconnect between sexuality and my body. I have never done a bikini shoot but I’m really excited and honoured to be part of this campaign, and to just be honest with other women about how I am.
“I want to say ‘this is NORMAL’ particularly to women of colour. Forget the airbrushed images you see. This is what I REALLY look like. I’m sticking two fingers up.”
“I’m 27 and I have lots of bits and pieces I don’t like about my body - saggy boobs and stretch marks and the thing that really bothers me is my love handles. In pictures I put my arms in a certain place, to hide them, they are so bumpy. I know people say to me ‘Oh, slim girl problems’ - but it really bothers me.
“I don’t want my kids to worry about how they look as much as I do. The thing that really worries me is that my 9-year-old son talks about wanting to go to the gym to build muscle! Even the kids’ toys have muscle on them like Batman and Spider-man. But what I hope this photoshoot shows women and men is that in most celebrity pictures there has been some form of airbrushing or retouching – so they shouldn’t compare themselves to unrealistic ideals.”
“It’s really important to do this campaign because I want women all over Britain to learn to love their body. Our bodies are brilliant – it’s your weapon!”
“I’m kind of at peace with my body. I had a growth spurt at around 11 and I shot up above the boys, that left me with stretch marks at the top of my legs. But the only bit of my body I’d change is my ears – I’ve never liked my sticky out ears. My hair always covers them.
“I’m skinny but I have lumps and bumps. I have a C-section scar, crepe-ing on my tummy. It’s a couple of kids and it’s life. I’m kind of happy with that. This shoot has been an eye opener – I thought about my body in a different way. Having the rest of the girls together, it’s great. It was a fantastic experience.”
“I have produced five babies so I can’t knock my body – it’s a proper machine. There’s no body the same – I’ve got scars, they’re good memories. We’re all imperfect, all bodies tell a story. I don’t regret any of it. Everyone should embrace who they are. At the end of the day you should be loved for who you are.”