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Love and Marriage (ep2 video)

Published: Mon 10 Jun 2013

Love and Marriage
TX: Wednesday 12 June at 9pm on ITV
Episode two
Pauline starts her new lease of life with a new haircut, and even goes so far (with encouragement from Rowan) as to go on a date with Peter. An unimpressed Heather keeps Ken updated on Pauline’s new love life, and he interrupts the date with a phone call. An argument ensues - but will it make a difference?
Meanwhile Heather continues to let her paranoia over Charlie get to her, and it’s especially piqued by Louise – Heather’s dance competition rival - who makes a flagrant play for Charlie. Charlie doesn’t act on the temptation, but a damaged Heather turns to besotted Ashley in her time of need…
Scarlett confesses to Heather that she’s looking for her mum – Heather promises not to tell Rowan, but Rowan has her suspicions. At Frank’s grave, Scarlett sees a drawing that looks suspiciously like it’s from Emma.
Kevin thinks he’s got away with his escapades at the rugby club, but little does he know that someone’s found a newspaper with the letters S.O.R.R.Y. cut out…
Meanwhile Heather battles to conceive with a less than enthusiastic Charlie and worries that Charlie’s unsupportive, while Martin swerves complaints from the family about Michelle’s lack of engagement with them.