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Love and Marriage (ep3 video)

Published: Fri 14 Jun 2013

Love and Marriage
Wednesday 19 June at 9pm on ITV
Episode three:
Kevin’s desperation to get money together pushes him to steal from an old lady who has just died in a fire. He lies that he won the money on the horses and when the police get involved he sticks to that story, bullheadedly lying to Sarah too. After a night in the cells though he finally confesses the truth to the police – but Sarah’s seen the CCTV footage of Kevin returning the stolen rugby club money and is mortified by Kevin’s betrayal… Can she forgive him? And is Kevin headed for jail?
Pauline continues dating Peter Bachman. In an attempt to get Pauline back Ken starts feigning illness.  Pauline assumes that her family are lying to her about Ken’s tribulations and Kevin’s arrest, and agrees to go to a posh hotel with Peter. However when she’s there she makes an awful discovery, leaving her questioning who the right man for her really is…
Heather comes to the devastating realisation that she’s pregnant, and that the baby might be Ashley’s. What will she tell Charlie?
Scarlett’s in touch with Emma and finally admits it to Rowan, begging Rowan not to get involved. Rowan agrees… but can she stick to her promise?