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Meet The Undriveables

Published: Thu 05 Jun 2014

Can new ITV series make struggling learner drivers roadworthy?
For some, driving remains an impossible dream. Try as they might, they just cannot pass their test. Every year, 17,000 people sit their test for the seventh time … and there are learners out there who have failed more than twenty times!
Now, in an entertaining and feelgood new format for ITV, these poor Undriveables are thrown a lifeline: they will be paired with some of Britain’s top driving instructors, who each want to prove that they can succeed where other instructors have failed. 
Produced by Shine TV, each episode of The Undriveables will follow the progress of two different learners whose L-plates have become permanent fixtures, who have had countless lessons and failed tests multiple times.  Each will be coached by a different, expert instructor, who is sure they can get their learner successfully through their test. These instructors are drawn from the top band of the nation’s driving instructors, and each have their own approach - from harsh discipline, to being a learner’s “best friend”. But will their confidence evaporate as they realize the size of the challenge ahead? 
The wannabe drivers and their instructor are thrown together side by side in their learner cars on Britain’s busy roads, finding themselves in high-pressure scenarios which range from the hilarious to the heart-stopping.  In-car cameras, capture every emotion – for both driver and instructor - from despair, tears and, anger and fear to laughter, relief and triumph as they undergo their lessons. 
With wry commentary by narrator Geoffrey Palmer we follow their progress on and off the road. And each episode moves towards its climax with the anxious wait of the instructors while their pupils sit the test to see if their work has paid off. Much is at stake for our learner drivers, as success in the test will change their lives forever, opening up currently closed off opportunities in careers and social and family life. 
The Undriveables is commissioned for ITV by Priya Singh, Factual Commissioning Editor, with Richard Klein, Director of Factual.
Priya Singh said: “'We all recall the agony and the ecstasy of trying to pass our driving test and so from stalling and stuttering to screeching brakes and crunching gears, we're looking forward to working with Shine TV on what we hope will prove a fun and entertaining ride for the audience and hopefully lead to lots of jubilant new drivers on Britain's roads.”
Kelly Webb-Lamb, Managing Director of Shine TV said: "We are delighted to be bringing The Undriveables to ITV. In this warm and witty series, we will see just how much it means to have the freedom of four wheels." 
The Undriveables is a Shine TV production for ITV. Alf Lawrie is the Executive Producer for Shine TV. 
About Shine TV 
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