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Modern miracles to be shown in new ITV series with Emma Willis

Published: Thu 02 Jul 2015

Modern miracles to be shown in new ITV series with Emma Willis
Emma Willis is to present a brand new ITV series telling the inspirational stories of people whose lives are transformed by modern medical ‘miracles’.
Fronted by Emma, new Factual format The Miracle [WT] will show the profound emotional impact on people for whom the previously impossible is made possible by advances in medical science.
From walking for the first time and overcoming severely debilitating physical conditions to hearing and seeing once more, this 3x60 series, produced by Optomen Television, will capture what happens when people’s lives are changed forever by the power of medicine. 
Emma will follow each family’s story, hearing their hopes and fears as they undergo life-changing operations and come through the other side to fulfil their dreams of scoring a goal, sailing the seas, hearing their children or seeing the sunset.   The series will feature people at all stages of life – from young to old and from a range of backgrounds.
Emma said: “When I was growing up all I wanted to be was a nurse like my mum. So when I was approached about this show I jumped at the chance to be involved. Nothing could have prepared me though for the truly wonderful people who have let us be a small part of their worlds whilst they are dealing with such extraordinary circumstances. The show is about them and I feel really very lucky to have been involved in helping to tell their incredible stories."
The Miracle is commissioned for ITV by Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Factual and Richard Klein, Director of Factual.
Jo said: “Emma’s natural empathy and genuine compassion make her the ideal person to engage with people whose lives are undergoing the most profound and challenging transformation, and for viewers to trust to bring us such intimate and remarkable stories.”
Each patient’s story will be told from their existing daily lives through their procedures, to the point where we witness their lives having been radically changed, having previously lived with life-long conditions or the effects of illness or an accident.