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In For A Penny

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In For A Penny is a brand new, on the street game show, hosted by Stephen Mulhern. Made famous as a segment on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, In For A Penny sees Stephen challenge members of the British public to turn their pennies into pounds. 


Stephen travels the length and breadth of the UK inviting the unsuspecting British public to take part in a host of hilarious and often silly games to win a cash prize.  


The only game show that can be played from anywhere in the country, Stephen, along with his gold sparkly jacket and portable game show props, can pop up anywhere from petrol stations to shopping centres, surprising people and randomly selecting whoever he can find to take part in games such as Pump It Up, Mum’s The Word and the popular In For A Penny, from Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.


In ‘Pump It Up’ drivers are greeted by Stephen who, armed with his In For A Penny credit card, will pay for their petrol if they can pump the exact amount they've predetermined in just two pumps. If they pump a penny over or under the specified amount, they’ll have to pay for it themselves.


‘Mum's The Word’ sees members of the public call their mums to describe a word in just 30 seconds. If they get it right and have not used any key words set out in the rules, they win a cash prize but get it wrong and they get nothing. 


In ‘Check It Out’, Stephen is in a supermarket at the tills, where he presents unsuspecting shoppers with five items on the conveyor belt. If they can correctly guess whether all five item are more or less expensive than the previous item on the belt, Stephen pays for the entire contents of their trolley.


The popular In For A Penny (as seen on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway) challenges contestants to five rounds of hilarious games; if they win all five rounds, including the ‘famous’ stop-watch game, they bag themselves a whopping £1000.  


Ant & Dec (co-creators of the format) said: It was always a highlight for us to watch this segment on Saturday Night Takeaway and we are delighted it’s now become a series. Stephen is the perfect host, his warmth, wit and all-round humour mixed with the great British public, who are not only brilliant but are also unfazed when a man in a sparkly jacket appears and asks them to take part in ridiculous games!  It makes for some fantastically funny TV.  


Stephen Mulhern: “I have absolutely loved filming this show. I don't think I have ever laughed so much filming a series and it was all down to the Great British public, they are the 

real stars. I've been privileged to meet some of the most amazing people up and down the country and now the viewers will get to see just how funny and entertaining they are."


ITV’s Head of Entertainment, Siobhan Greene said:  “In For A Penny, became such a popular item in Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. The show is jammed packed with laugh out loud moments and it's Stephen at his absolute best.” 


In For A Penny is a ITV Studios and Mitre Television co-production for ITV. The series has been commissioned by Siobhan Greene, ITV’s Head of Entertainment, and Louise Major, Assistant Commissioner, Entertainment ITV. The executive producers are Pete Ogden and Tim Dean, ITV Studios.