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Road Rage Britain: Caught On Camera

Published: Fri 06 Jun 2014

Road Rage Britain: Caught On Camera
Broadcasts Monday 9 June at 9pm on ITV
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“I’ve been chased by cab drivers, minicabs, van drivers, the works… Fisticuffs have been thrown in the past, yes.” - Cycle courier Nick Swinden, 37, from Archway, London
“The shiny bum brigade... I can’t be doing with cyclists. If I’m paying tax on the road then I want to be able to ride on the road. They don’t pay tax so why should they ride three or four deep…” - White van driver Gaz McPartland, 38, from Preston
Photo: Cyclist Nick Swinden and London Cabbie Howard
There are more cars on the roads than ever before – and we’re cycling far more than we used to. But that’s leading to regular bouts of road rage, with the two tribes most often at loggerheads: cyclists and drivers.
The difference is that, new, cheap technology means that when the red mist descends, many incidents are caught on camera by the cyclists and motorists in the thick of it.
An ITN Productions production for ITV, Road Rage Britain: Caught on Camera features astonishing footage of shocking road rage – plus a unique experiment, in which two committed cyclists, one from London and one from Manchester, swap modes of transport with a London cabbie and a white van man from Preston, both of whom view their two wheeled counterparts as a menace.
Photo:  White van driver Gaz in cycling gear and on a bike.
How will they cope experiencing life on the road from the perspective of their road rage rivals?  At the end of the experiment they come face to face in a showdown to share their views.