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The Speakmans cure Jeremy Kyle of his creepy crawly phobia

Published: Sun 13 Jul 2014

The Speakmans cure Jeremy Kyle of his creepy crawly phobia
Jeremy Kyle: “I am for the first time in ten years, terrified… absolutely every part of my comfort zone has gone”
Jeremy Kyle has been cured of his phobia of creepy crawlies by therapists to the stars, Nik and Eva Speakman - who’s new ITV Daytime show starts on Monday 14th July at 2pm.
As part of their new show titled The Speakmans, Nik and Eva attempt to treat ordinary people with extraordinary phobias and for one day only, they offered their help to the usually fearless, Jeremy Kyle. 
In an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show - which will air on Monday 14th July (the same day as The Speakmans' new show) - Jeremy said of his phobia: “I have a terrifying fear of basically anything that crawls about the place. They say [Nik and Eva], they’re going to sort me out. I am for the first time in ten years, terrified.” And as Nik and Eva joined him on stage, Jeremy revealed the scale of his dread: “Absolutely every part of my comfort zone has gone.”
Jeremy explained that he has had a fear of creepy crawlies for 40 years: “Anything that crawls, listen, I’m that pathetic… Spiders, rats, snakes, anything, daddy long legs… [for] as long as I can remember… I’m actually getting sweaty [thinking about it]”
Explaining the seriousness of his phobia, Jeremy revealed: “If there’s a spider in the room, I couldn’t kill it. My daughter just picks it up and talks to it… If there’s a daddy long legs in my bedroom, I can’t sleep there that night if I can’t catch it… It’s completely embarrassing.”
Rating his fear of critters - which The Speakmans set up on stage in three boxes - Jeremy said his fear of the giant hissing cockroaches in box one was eight out of 10, and edged away saying: “It moves, you can’t turn the engine off can you… that’s awful!” Box two contained jumbo crickets and huge mealworms and walking across the stage away from the creepy crawlies, Jeremy pre-empted what was in box three: “That’s the spider isn’t it…That’s ridiculous.” As Nik removed a large tarantula from the box and walked towards Jeremy – who had made his way to the other side of the stage by now – Jeremy repeated: “I can’t do that, that’s ridiculous… No there really isn’t [any chance in the world], there’s not. I’m sorry.” As he looked into Nik’s hands, Jeremy admitted: “There it is in one moment, everything I hate…I genuinely get cold thinking about that.” Out of 10, Jeremy rated his fear of the tarantula at “25”. For the finale, TV councillor Graham Stanier entered the stage with a snake wrapped around his neck which made Jeremy run off stage towards the back of the set.
Returning to the stage after spending two hours with The Speakmans taking part in their schema conditioning therapy, Jeremy appeared a new and confident man and dived straight into the critter boxes on stage picking up the cockroaches, and the mealworms and finally in a shocking result, he placed the tarantula in his hand and steadily held it: “It’s actually really cute” and admitted “Never in a million years [did I believe I would be able to hold a spider], genuinely never in a million years and now look.”
Graham returned to stage with the snake, which Jeremy calmly took in his hands and held: “I said this morning that there was no way in a million years that I would do this and I’ve experienced it first hand, you have the most unbelievable abilities,” he told Nik and Eva and to the audience, he simply said: “These people are incredible.”