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Vera ep3 2013

Published: Fri 06 Sep 2013

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Vera: episode three: Young Gods
Sunday 8 September at 9pm on ITV
Episode three: Young Gods
D.C.I. Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) delves into the tangled past of extreme sports fanatic, Gideon Frane, when he plunges from a Northumberland cliff top in a ball of flames.
An anonymous letter spelling  ‘Burn in Hell’ and a scan of files reveal a litany of stalking complaints and intimidation against an ex-girlfriend, Izzy Rawlins (Jodie Comer).
Forensics are quick to link her hairdresser friend, Kit (Kevin Trainor), to the letter. He admits to confronting Gideon days before his death but denies murdering him.
As a former head boy, Headmistress Vivienne Ripman (Maureen Beattie) remembers Gideon as leader of a gang of ‘golden lads and girls’. But ex-girlfriend Manda Adelaide (Pippa Bennett-Warner) went missing after an attempted suicide and best friend Jamie Levinson (Mark Quartley) has long since succumbed to drug addiction. Ruthie Culvert (Rebecca Benson) is a pupil at the same private school. As witness to the crime, Vera is convinced she holds the key but her memory is drawing blanks. 
Supported by D.C. Shepherd (Clare Calbraith) and the newly appointed D.C. Edwards (Riley Jones), Vera and the rest of her team must track down Gideon’s gang to uncover a lifetime of bullying and an unexpected story of tested loyalties and rough justice.