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Whitechapel ep5 2013 (video)

Published: Wed 25 Sep 2013

Whitechapel: episode five
Wednesday 2 October at 9pm on ITV
Buchan, understandably shaken, struggles to get back to normal after his close call – coming face to face with a killer.
Riley also wavers under the weight of her own issues as her infected hand worsens.
The team ventures beneath the streets of Whitechapel searching the sewers after a butchered runner is found with missing vital organs. Is Buchan’s hunch correct - have they got a souvenir killer on their hands? Or are the Black Swine, mutated sewer pigs of urban legend, to blame for these grizzly deaths?
Mansell is on the edge of self destruction thanks to Kent medalling in his relationship. Will it be set right before Mansell’s emotions get the better of him?
As Miles continues to be taunted by an unknown force in the station, he decides to investigate further, certain there must be a ‘normal’ explanation.
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DI Joseph Chandler - Rupert Penry-Jones
DS Ray Miles - Phil Davis
Edward Buchan - Steve Pemberton
DC Emerson Kent - Sam Stockman
DC Finley Mansell - Ben Bishop
DC Megan Riley - Hannah Walters
Dr Llewellyn - Claire Rushbrook