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Whitechapel ep6 2013 (video)

Published: Thu 03 Oct 2013

Whitechapel: episode six (series final)
Wednesday 9 October at 9pm on ITV
Following Chandler and Miles’ discovery of a man cooking an unsavory meal and the photographic evidence of a group seemingly hunting in Whitechapel’s sewers, the team investigate a possible cannibalistic club of killers with a repulsive diet of human flesh.
Miles’ research into the supernatural goings on in the police station point him in one particular direction, are the footsteps down the corridors, silty water and mouldy walls all the work of a vandal?  He places a camera and discovers a mysterious woman walking the corridors.
With a young girl missing and no lead on where to find her, Miles forces Chandler to see a psychic, but whilst she helps very little toward the case she instead reveals a message from Chandler’s past, a message he doesn’t want to hear.
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DI Joseph Chandler - Rupert Penry-Jones
DS Ray Miles - Phil Davis