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Monday 10 May at 10pm. Also available on ITV Hub.

Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachael Stirling, Rhashan Stone, Peter McDonald, Ken Nwosu, Jonas Armstrong and…

the ITV Studios drama label headed up by Dominic Treadwell-Collins

Second Transaction Under New Media For Equity Programme

written by Patrick Harbinson and produced by Windhover Films and Mammoth Screen

ITV commissions new Gino D’acampo series from Studio Ramsay

John Simm will return as Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace

ITV has a zero tolerance policy to bullying, harassment and victimisation

Published 30th April 2021

ITV Statement on Viewpoint

The ultimate dating game, confessions of love are overseen by comedian Verona Rose.

Published 30th April 2021

Secret Crush - Q&A with Verona Rose

written by Gwyneth Hughes and produced by ITV Studios, Patrick Spence, and Little Gem