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Week 06 2024 : Sat 03 Feb - Fri 09 Feb

Wed 24 Jan 2024

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[Full series drop on ITVX on Monday 5 February]

[Also transmitting on ITV2 from Monday 26 February]


Series overview

New comedy. Honest, uplifting and heart-warming portrayal of the lives of working-class teenagers from Liverpool.

Starring Leanne Best, Louis Emerick, Sunetra Sarker and a host of brand new talent.

At the start of the series Reece, the anti-hero, is superficially a misbehaving, potty mouthed scally, but he constantly surprises whether that be quoting Mother Teresa and John Steinbeck or for his incredibly mature take on grief.

On his last warning with the Headteacher, he's given a life line in the guise of 16-year-old middle class Southerner Christopher, who joins the school unexpectedly and Reece offers to 'take care' of the new boy.

G'wed is an authentic portrayal of teenagers today and how they view the world.

Set in Liverpool and evocative of life for young working-class kids there, it delves into the Scouse culture of 'surviving with a sense of humour'.

Tackling big issues like grief, sex, diversity and class differences, treating them with a refreshing comedic perspective.


Episode 1

Recently-orphaned "posh muppet" Christopher goes to live with his nan on a council estate in Liverpool. There he forms an unlikely, unholy alliance with working-class Reece.

Episode 2

It's Diversity and Inclusion Week. The pupils are set the task of pairing up with their polar opposite and presenOng their differences and common ground in a presentation.

Episode 3

Ted is the envy of the school as he starts daOng popular sixth-former Thomas. Ted finds Thomas' talk of their spiritual connection beguiling but Thomas has a secret.

Episode 4

A local barrister conducts a mock trial in class. Reece goes up against Christopher as opposing barristers, while Aimee tries to impress the visiting casIng director.

Episode 5

It's Aimee's big night: the opening of the school play, but with deepening problems at home and the rest of school thinking that she posted defamatory TikToks will she show.

Episode 6

Reece, inspired by Christopher, tries to track down his dad that he has never met. Aimee and Mia-Louise fall out big time over their choice of boyfriend.



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