Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Alan TitchMarsh's Gardening Club

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Week 10 2024 : Sat 02 Mar - Fri 08 Mar

Wed 21 Feb 2024

Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

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Series overview

In this brand new series, Alan Titchmarsh and a diverse team of experts shine a light on the latest horticultural trends and innovative gardens across the UK, providing a wealth of practical gardening tips for both aspiring and experienced gardeners. Alongside Alan, the expert team includes David Domoney, horticulturist Camilla Bassett-Smith, community gardener Tayshan Hayden-Smith, eco-friendly gardener Anna Greenland and houseplant expert Sarah Gerrard-Jones.

Episode 1

In this brand new series, Alan Titchmarsh and his Gardening Club team share invaluable tips, tricks, and insights for seasoned and aspiring gardeners. This week, David Domoney reveals how to attract more birds into your outdoor space, Camilla Bassett-Smith discovers grow-your-own tips at an innovative Somerset haven, Tayshan Hayden-Smith delves into an inner-city community garden project, and houseplant expert Sarah Gerrard-Jones unveils secrets to crafting an indoor oasis.


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