In With A Shout

In With A Shout

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6:30pm ~ 7:30pm

Week 17 2024 : Sat 20 Apr - Fri 26 Apr

Tue 09 Apr 2024

In With A Shout

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Series overview

Joel Dommett is back with a new series of the high octane game show, ‘In With A Shout’, where contestants are challenged to shout at the TV to win a fortune.  

A fan favourite when it first aired in 2023, this fast-paced gameshow sees two families battle against each other in a thrilling game with a uniquely challenging twist. With an impressive prize of a whopping £20,000, the contestants will have to answer questions hidden within a montage of moving images.  

To win the cash, the contestants will have to shout the answers they see on ten TV screens from ten different categories. For every question they get right, they move up the money ladder, but every question they get wrong sends them back down. The pressure is on, as the families will have to bank as much cash as possible to avoid crashing out altogether.    

With a brand new, dramatic head-to-head round where fortunes can flip completely, one contestant from each rival family will face off, pushing and pulling against each other in a tug-of-war to earn big money and book their place in the final.

The stakes are high for the winning family, who will have just 60 seconds to successfully answer questions correctly to turn off the ten TV’s. If they fail to turn off all ten tellies within the timeframe, they walk away with nothing.  

Across the six weeks series one aired, ITV1’s Saturday 7pm slot was up +20% year-on-year for volume and the series reached 3.5m viewers every week.

Episode 1

On the first show of the new series viewers will see the Prohan family from London competing against The Schofield family from Preston, each hoping they can win the jackpot.  



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