Vanishing Act

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Week 51 2023 : Sat 16 Dec - Fri 22 Dec

Sun 26 Nov 2023

Vanishing Act

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Series overview

Vanishing Act tells the story of Melissa Caddick’s disappearance after being confronted by authorities for her alleged multi-million dollar swindling.

The three-part series portrays Australia in the grip of the mystery as theories abound about Melissa’s fate following the discovery of her disembodied foot inside her running shoe. 

Vanishing Act tells the story of this charismatic con-artist, as well as those who suddenly found themselves grieving for a lost friend and daughter, while coming to terms with a monumental betrayal. Her life was lost, but theirs would never be the same again.

Starring Kate Atkinson, Colin Friels, Jerome Velinsky and Maya Strange. 


Episode 1

Melissa Caddick is a financial whiz - she has a harbourside mansion, luxury cars and clothes, and a fiercely loyal clientele who trust her to invest their money. But secretly, she’s running a massive Ponzi scheme and ripping off not only clients but friends and family too – including her own parents. As she battles to keep the scam going, she has to stay a step ahead of legal authorities, as well as a local criminal heavyweight.



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