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Red Eye

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Week 18 2024 : Sat 27 Apr - Fri 03 May

Mon 15 Apr 2024

Red Eye

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Series overview

Six-part thriller set on the red eye flight from London to Beijing. Whilst escorting a doctor being renditioned, an incident on-board leads DC Hana Li to uncover a wider conspiracy.

Episode 2

Jess persuades her editor to give her a chance to write about the events on NCA 357, leading her to interview Hana’s boss. Meanwhile, MI5 are scrambling for information after news of the incident on-board. Hana receives a surprising call from MI5 Director Delaney and the two form an unlikely alliance to stop the crisis on-board escalating. Delaney’s rival, Tennant, tries to take over her operation. 

Back on the flight Nolan is beginning to panic; fearing he is being framed and his life is in danger, he pleads to divert the plane. Another incident onboard increase Nolan’s concerns and cause tensions to rise. Hana informs her boss in the police about the events occurring on the plane and asks him to run background checks on a passenger. A confrontation between Nolan’s colleagues reveals a personal drama which could provide more insight into the incidents on the plane. Hana and Air Marshal Zhang instruct Nolan to tell them what happened that night in Beijing. 



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