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Black Boys Can Cry with Alex Beresford
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Week 41 2023 : Sat 07 Oct - Fri 13 Oct

Sun 01 Oct 2023

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Fresh Cuts

Full series drop on ITVX on Sunday 1 October

Part of Black History Month

Episode 2

Black Boys Can Cry with Alex Beresford (Jessicah North)

Alex Beresford, goes on a journey that he hopes will help him understand why the suicide of his best friend, Martin, was part of a shocking statistic that sees Black men are far more likely to suffer from a severe mental health issue than others. 

Alex meets mental health experts and a wide range of Black men to get to the root of the problem. Hoping ultimately to learn how being Black, male and British can be damaging to a person's mental health and what is being done to find solutions. 


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