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Week 08 2024 : Sat 17 Feb - Fri 23 Feb

Wed 07 Feb 2024

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New three-part drama following NHS medics during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Weeks before the UK’s first national lockdown, acute medicine consultant Dr Abbey Henderson and her team struggle with the first wave of Covid-19 patients. Running out of PPE, staff, and beds, Abbey is forced to make difficult healthcare decisions as her colleagues begin to be infected with Covid-19. When lockdown is finally imposed, the pandemic stretches Abbey and the team to their limits  as they confront government policy in relation to care home discharges and inadequate PPE.

They try their best to save patients but are forced to endure the trauma of loss and tragedy caused by Covid-19. As winter arrives, a new wave hits the hospital, this time with Covid-19 deniers surfacing too, which causes the team to reach their breaking point. Scarred and enraged, Abbey cannot maintain her silence any longer and decides to risk everything by speaking out.  

Episode 3

The team deal with a new Covid-19 winter wave. As pressure becomes unmanageable, Abbey takes action to voice the pandemic’s full effect on the NHS. 



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