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Professor T

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Truth And Justice
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Week 15 2024 : Sat 06 Apr - Fri 12 Apr

Mon 25 Mar 2024

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Professor T

Professor T (Ben Miller) finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings banged up in prison after the explosive finale to series two saw him trying to defend his old flame DCI Christina Brand (Juliet Aubrey).

In this series both their careers are on the line, and both have momentous decisions to make. Will Christina allow Jasper to incriminate himself to save her career or will her conscience and the formidable duo of his mother Adelaide (Frances de La Tour) and his therapist Dr Helena (Juliet Stevenson) get the better of her?

The Professor struggles in prison – the hostile, dirty and noisy environment plays havoc with his OCD plus he is a curiosity among the inmates.  But his brilliant criminal mind will soon be put to good use by some of the less than brilliant criminals he finds himself surrounded by.

Again, the police will need the Professor’s analysis and insight to help them solve a series of intriguing crimes. Within the police there’s also been a shift in power as Lisa Donckers (Emma Naomi) enjoys a promotion. There is also a new boss in the police station, DCI Maiya Goswami (Sunetra Sarker) who takes over from DCI Christina Brand, her style of management is abrasive and direct and very different to her predecessor’s.

For the young detectives, Lisa and Dan, their relationship seems to be finally getting on track but a tragic turn of events will blow them apart.

This series will also finally reveal what happened the night a young Jasper found his father hanging. How involved was his mother Adelaide and what did she really know about her husband’s death? With the help of his therapist, Jasper finally manages to piece together his memories of the events despite Adelaide and the Dean’s attempts to shield him from the devastating truth.

Also joining the cast are guest appearances from Jeany Spark, Flora Montgomery, Jack Ashton and Roger Barclay.

Episode 3: Truth And Justice

Professor T is up in court and he must decide whether to save himself or his former lover. Meanwhile, a prison officer is found dead and there are no shortage of suspects, but one in particular seems intent on taking the blame.


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