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Red Eye

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Week 19 2024 : Sat 04 May - Fri 10 May

Tue 23 Apr 2024

Red Eye

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Series overview

Six-part thriller set on the red eye flight from London to Beijing. Whilst escorting a doctor being renditioned, an incident on-board leads DC Hana Li to uncover a wider conspiracy.

Episode 3

In a flashback to the night of the crash, Nolan and his colleagues are at a Beijing conference centre bar the night before Nolan is due to give a lecture - a Chinese woman has her eye on Nolan and persuades him to go to a nightclub with her, but things take a turn when a brawl breaks out and Nolan is attacked. 

In the present day, a passenger is missing and the clock is ticking for Hana's investigation as Nolan discovers a connection linking the incidents onboard - meanwhile, Jess visits the offices of a mysterious international company responsible for the conference in Beijing and witnesses suspicious behaviour at the offices that makes her seek out the CEO. 

As MI5 gather more evidence, correspondence between Tennant and Minister Tang becomes increasingly hostile and Delaney starts to question Tennant's intentions while harbouring suspicions that Chinese Intelligence are responsible for the events on NCA 357.



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